Tips to Know the Characteristics of Heart Disease

When the heart is pounding irregularly, some people may ignore it, it is a characteristic of heart disease. But others will show a great sense of fear and anxiety. Some even think that this is a serious enough disease, so They rush to go to the doctor or other health places. Step self-examination to the doctor or health center is the right step. But you also need to know some other characteristics of heart disease. are as follows:


High Blood Pressure Is a Characteristics Of Heart Disease

Heart disease is closely related to high blood pressure in the body. Therefore you should be able to control your blood pressure, so you can reduce the risk of heart disease. If you already have hypertension do heart health control every year at least three times.

 High Cholesterol Levels

The next cause of heart disease is high cholesterol levels. High cholesterol is one of the causes of heart attack, and most cases of high cholesterol are closely related to heart attacks. This is because high cholesterol can cause the appearance of plaque on the blood vessel so it will disrupt the performance of normal blood distribution throughout the body so that it can lead to heart failure.

Age and Sex

The risk of heart disease increases with age, especially if someone’s age is more than 65 years. Someone who is elderly can have a big chance of heart disease but did not rule out heart disease also suffered by various age. In addition, compared with women, more men suffer from heart disease.

Chronic and Hereditary Diseases

Heart disease is mostly triggered by various other diseases that suffered by someone. Such as obesity and diabetes is one of the causes of a person’s risk of heart disease. In addition, heredity also affects, if her parents have a history of heart disease, the chances of heart disease attack on the offspring are greater.


Always stressed to maintain health by getting used to doing a healthy lifestyle. Because unhealthy lifestyles such as drinking al + alcohol, smoking, irregular eating, irregular sleep, and other unhealthy lifestyles can increase a person’s risk of heart disease.

If you already know the main cause of heart disease above, immediately change your lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle. Always pay attention to everything in terms of your body’s health, notice any changes that occur in the body. If there is something unusual on your health, consult your doctor immediately.…

Food Types are Good for Brain Health and Memory

Brain health and brain memory can be improved by eating foods that contain omega fat 3 and antioxidants. Where do they go?. Fruit to fish can produce both the content that works for the brain, good this will help you in maintaining the health of the brain and memories anda.berikut is a good food for brain health and memory.


Carrots are great for brain and brain memory

foods that are familiar to our ears, carrots have many benefits in maintaining eye health. But it turns out carrots are also good enough for the brain. Carrots have high levels of Luteolin which can reduce memory deficits that are directly related to age and brain inflammation.


65 parents who eat fish every week for six years can improve cognitive ability by as much as 13 percent. Because fish have vitamin B12 is high enough to fight against Alzheimer’s.

Coffee and Tea

this drink can make you awake in the morning able to fight Alzheimer’s disease and able improve your cognitive function. Coffee is also used as a therapy in the cure of Alzheimer’s disease. Coffee is also able to protect the brain.


these vegetables contain vitamin C and E. Both contents can help improve cognitive abilities. In 2000, the Journals of Gerontology showed that mice that diet and consume vitamin E would have an increase in brain and nerve tissue around 500-900 percent over the next eight months.


Salmon contains omega 3 fatty acids, and studies have proven the importance of this substance for brain function. Fish oil is also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that are important for the brain.

Dark chocolate

This chocolate offers tremendous concentration power. In dark chocolate contains a very powerful antioxidant, which also contains a natural stimulant enhancing the production of endorphin hormones that cause good feelings.…