healthy tips, Benefits of Red Guava Juice for Health

Red Guava juice is a juice drink that has been made from red guava fruit. Talking about this fruit is a fruit that has come from Mexico, South America. Many people love this guava because it has a sweet taste and has a very soft texture.


Talk about the benefits of this drink is very much and not separated because of the content that is in it. For the existing content of vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber, antioxidants, fiber and other ingredients. Of course, with the many contents is certainly has many health benefits for the body. Then what are the benefits and efficacy of red guava juice, here are the benefits.

Guava Red Juice is Able to Prevent Cancer

Benefits of the first guava juice can help you in preventing cancer. Cancer is a thing that has been in the body since we were born. But you do not need to be confused because this cancer cell can be turned off. Calorie and low-fat content and other vitamins in this drink will help you in preventing cancer. In addition, high antioxidants in the guava are very effective at all in preventing cancer cells to grow.

Ward off Free Radicals

The content of vitamin C in this juice will act as a good antioxidant for the body. These antioxidants will help you in warding off their own free radicals that are very dangerous. Free radicals themselves are a thing that has been caused by pollution, vehicle fumes and also too often exposed by exposure to sunlight. To overcome this, you can consume this guava juice.

Launch the Digestive System

Having a smooth digestion is one thing that is very good. Digestion in the body requires adequate fiber content. Of course, for those of you who want to have the digestive tract required to meet the body’s fiber content. This red guava juice has a very high fiber content which is certainly good for digestive health and keeps you from the disease that has caused by digestion.

Maintain Nerve and Brain Function

If you frequently consume guava juice regularly, it will help you maintain the function of your nerves as well as your brain. Of course, this has happened because this drink has vitamin B3 and also B6 which will help stimulate brain performance.