Catching Air With the Nike Air Mogan

Catching Air With the Nike Air Mogan

Nike has long been criticized for manufacturing shoes that are only ideal for basketball, all the while leaving out other athletic events, but in recent times all that has changed. They moved into the realm of extreme sports, where it has gained quite a few supporters. A breakthrough achievement was the company’s development of Nike 6.0 Air Mogan, which was aimed at a variety of sporting activities such as Snowboarding, Skating, and BMX riding, among others. After various failed attempts, Nike finally gained acceptance as a credible force in the footwear market in 2006.

This shift of marketing into other sports was somewhat inevitable, especially with the growing demands in every field of athletics. Nike has over 400 shoe designs that come in a wide variety of colors to showcase Nike’s support for different audiences. The Nike 6.0 Air Mogan is a good example of this, as consumers can choose from colors that are neutral and somber to colors that are attractive and loud. This way, various sports fanatics can let loose their inner artist and let their shoes speak for them. (For those looking for the ultimate customised Nike should checkout the Nike ID store)

To protect the ankle from any injuries, the Air Mogan has a heel tab that is cushioned and made even more effective by the incorporation of a design that is low-top. In addition to the different designs, the Nike 6.0 Air Mogan also comes in different materials. Some shoes in this line are made from leather alone, or a combination of leather and suede. Also, the heel strap is found in some designs, while other designs lack it.

Despite all these differences however, there are similar features in all the designs. For instance, the soles of all these shoes are made from Nike-exclusive rubber that has been patented. Also, the side panel features a big Nike logo, and the tongue has a Nike 6.0 logo on the front.

Extreme sports demand extreme reliability and efficiency and the Nike 6.0 Air Mogan promises just that. It’s varieties in makeup and design can cater to a global extreme sporting population who want an individual look in their footwear. The effectiveness and durability of these shoes are also maintained because of the incorporation of certain universal elements into the shoes themselves. This shoe is definitely a great option for the sporting enthusiast of any age.