Haunted Rubber Ducky Sells, For $107

Haunted Rubber Ducky Sells, For $107

We all know how amazing it is to buy or sell different products and services online. For millions of people across the globe online auction is the only source of income, but what is even more interesting is the fact that every now or then we get to see some or the other strange listing on different auction sites and wonder how anyone can ever sell such a thing. It’s even more interesting to see how unusual and strange listings manage to get quite a bit of bids.

Well, it is believed that somewhere in past a man managed to sell his soul in an auction for $400 following the same path in the year 2007, an American citizen put up his soul for online auction and tried to sell it for one million dollars, his listing stated that the winner would be able to take the soul in glass jar. Quite strange!! But luckily no body bought it. You may wonder how such listings can find buyers but the fact it that there have been instances in the past in which many people have shown interest in unusual listings and so it surely encourages more and more people to put up strange things for auction. Like for instance, in the year 2004 a man managed to sell a haunted rubber ducky for $107.50. He claimed that the ducky had bitten his son and often fought with the one and a half year old. Within seven days the ducky was sold.

Well, that’s not all there are many more crazy items that have been sold on online auctions – things which are way beyond the imagination of an ordinary person. Famous pop star Britney Spears once disposed off her chewing gum in one of the hotels in London. The chewed gum was picked up by an unidentified person, who later auctioned it online for $263 and it seems that the buyer of the gum has framed it and put it on display in his house.

Someone even managed to sell four strands of hair claiming that the clipped hair belonged to the first president of the United States – George Washington. Although there was no proof to confirm that the hair actually belonged to George Washington, the four strands were still sold for 17,000 dollars.

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