How to Find a Cost Effective International Shipping Quote

How to Find a Cost Effective International Shipping Quote

It seems easy enough to gather an international shipping quote for mailing an item overseas. With the wide variety of online rate calculators, mail services and post offices on every street corner, there seemingly is no cause for concern about finding information about obtaining the most cost effective international shipping quotes. However, when defining “cost effective,” more than just the sheer cost must be taken into account.

Lost or delayed packages, packages tied up in customs, or packages rerouted to the cheapest possible method of transport can mean lost sales, loss of repeat business, lower customer perception of service and reliability, and ultimately, a downgrading of the company’s reputation.

Therefore, finding a cost effective international shipping quote must factor in a knowledgeable, reliable shipping source. In overseas shipping, contracting with one provider is often the cheapest route. Ask for international shipping quotes for corporate customers. Find out whether the shipping service provides discounts for a certain level of monthly orders. Ask how they will handle sudden increases in shipping costs for more volatile areas–will the rate change as a pass through to customers or remain constant?

Also, make sure that the chosen shipping service has expertise in the countries where the bulk of shipping will be done. Sometimes a low cost provider is the most expensive in the end; there is no substitute for knowledge, reliability and consistency when it comes to obtaining a truly cost effective international shipping quote.

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