Kelvinator – Setting Milestones For Others Since 1914

Kelvinator – Setting Milestones For Others Since 1914

People work really hard for all 30 days in their offices and then only succeed in earning a few bucks. So its quite obvious that when its a question of investing their hard earned money on something new, they tend become a little more cautious while selecting a brand. Therefore maintaining a positive and a good reputation among the people always rules the priority list of almost every company. But merely keeping this factor in their priority list doesn’t do any good to the company until and unless they actually put these plans to action and the company that succeeds in doing so, automatically becomes famous among the buyers. Kelvinator is one of the such companies.

Kelvinator is not a company that came to existence a few years back but it is actually serving the people since 1914, a time when most of the readers of this article were not even born. The credit for the beingness of the company goes to Nathaniel B. Wales who shared his thoughts with Edmund Copeland and Arnold Goss. The Secretary of Buick Automobile Company during that time, Arnold Goss, arranged the funds and the road for the smooth run of the company was prepared.

Today Kelvinator, no doubt, is quite a common name among the people but very few people know that the first household mechanical refrigerator introduced by them was marketed under the name “Electro-Automatic Refrigeration Company”. It was only in the year 1916 when the company’s top officials made up their mind to honour the British physicist, Lord Kelvin, the discoverer of “absolute zero” and changed its name to Kelvinator Company.

Right from the beginning, Kelvinator faced a stiff competition in the market and this can easily judged by the fact that Kelvinator was one of the two dozen home refrigerators launched in the U.S. market during the year 1916. But this didn’t deter the company from its plans of providing only the best to the buyers and if not the best then one of the best for sure. The credit for the introduction of world’s first refrigerator with any type of automatic control also goes to the same company.

Kelvinator has seen a lot of ups and downs in its long journey but whenever its critics and competitors try to write it off, it comes with a rather befitting answer to all these people. During 1923, the company enjoyed around 80 percent of the electric refrigerator market and the fate of the company has not changed a lot since then. Today as well it is one of the leading sellers of refrigerators in the market.

People of India are simply crazy about the brand and they hardly think of any other while going out in the market to buy a refrigerator (“fridge” as commonly said by the Indians). Guessing the popularity of Kelvinator in India is probably the most difficult task one can ever get.