Process of Trendsetter Occurrence

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The word trendsetter may have often we hear or even say. Especially for people who often wrestle the world of fashion. Trendsetter is not limited to the fashion world only but can happen to all aspects of life. And everyone can be a trendsetter or even create a trendsetter. Then what is that trendsetter? Trendsetter is Everything that becomes the center of attention and followed by the crowd.

Trendsetter created through the process, Here’s the process of the occurrence:
  • The existence of creative and innovative ideas from a person or group of people. This idea must be completely new, Or not imitate the existing one.
  • Then we must offer the result of creativity or innovation to the community to compete with other ideas or Then we must offer the result of creativity or innovation to the community to compete with other ideas or ideas. This happens because creative and innovative ideas not only come from one person or one group of people but come from many people.
  • The community will judge the outcome of that creativity or innovation. They will use the right idea and become the center of attention and fulfill the desire.
Here is a description of the process of the occurrence of the trendsetter for clothing or clothing products:

In the past we have never seen or know Muslim clothing products with shirts, Why so ?, Because at the time the first Muslim fashion with shirts are not unusual or not common. And at the beginning of 2000, there is a T-shirt factory that usually makes T-shirts to issue their creative ideas by making Muslim clothing made of t-shirts.
Then many who offer Muslim clothing shirt products to the general public in the exhibition. And at that time there is no competitor who makes Muslim clothing shirt material.

Unexpectedly, Muslim fashion products with shirts can invite the attention of many people to buy it. And does not require a long time Muslim clothing products shirts or Muslim shirts have become a trendsetter among the public, Proven to suck the enthusiastic enthusiasts. Interested enthusiasts come from various regions in Indonesia. Consumers are hunting for such products In stores and Deptstore.

Because of a large number of consumer enthusiasts on Muslim clothing products shirts (shirts Muslim) which at that time became the center of attention of many people, finally emerging Muslim fashion manufacturers or new Muslim shirts that also make and sell Muslim shirts products.

Something will be a trendsetter through the process. Where started from creative ideas and innovative. Then offer it to the general public. Society will judge it. If appropriate and can fulfill the wishes of the Society the idea will be the center of attention.