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Here are 6 Men’s Vintage Style Inspiration

Even though the trends in the fashion world are changing, vintage style still have a place in the hearts of fashion lovers. How not, this fashion from the 20’s to the 60’s feels timeless because it has designs to interesting motifs that can be applied in everyday looks.

Vintage Style

For men, call it vintage fashion models such as jeans overalls and suspender accessories are still in demand for everyday use. Not only that, there are a number of other vintage fashion models that can be an inspiration in dressing up. Summarizing from various sources, here are the inspirations.

Baggy Jeans

For men, generally make skinny jeans the safest choice to be worn in everyday looks. However, baggy jeans can also be an option. If you want to try, choose a straight or relaxed-leg jeans model . It should also be ensured that the baggy pants that are chosen should not be as wide and as big as the 90s era.

Motif Floral Prints

In his era, men were hesitant to wear motifs that were considered feminine, such as floral motifs which were connoted with women. Along with its development, floral print can also be used by men. The reason is, now there are many clothes with flower motifs in darker colors so that they give a masculine impression to their appearance. If you are still in doubt, try using floral clothes with a micro pattern or on accessories first.

Vintage Style Jumpsuits or Overall Jeans

Frog clothes or denim overalls are one of the most interesting fashion items . Overalls are overalls between subordinates and superiors together. For children, this type of clothing is called monkey pants.

Checkered Vest

Vintage fashion that can be the next inspiration is to mix and match a formal shirt with a plaid version for a semi-formal look. As a support for a more attractive appearance, you can use pomade and loafers. This style choice is worn to go to the office or other formal events.


To support a vintage appearance that looks neat and formal, suspenders can be complementary accessories. Combine this fashion item with a formal shirt and bow tie for a more perfect vintage look.

Vintage Style Flannel Shirt

In the past, flannel shirts were usually called the grunge style because in the 90s many men liked this style, it looked more untidy but still pleasing to the eye. The hallmark of this style is to wear a shirt that looks too big or wear a flannel shirt with a plaid pattern.

To stand out more, this style can be combined with skinny jeans that are a little loose . However, you can also use unique cut-bray pants combined with a flannel shirt to make it look more American Casual in the 90’s era.…

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5 Tips To Match Smart Casual Style

Smart casual styles still the main choice for most men. The reason is, the application of this style is considered safe for two different types of activities or events at the same time. Smart casual styles a style of dress concerning the balance between casual (casual) and formal styles.

Smart Casual

Although it contains a casual element, it does not mean that you are free to choose any clothes when applying this smart casual style . Summarizing from various sources, there are a number of mix-and-match tips when implementing a smart casual style . Check out the reviews.

Blazer For Smart Casual Impression

Blazer is a fashion item that must be owned by men. Therefore, a blazer can be worn for formal or casual events. But it must be remembered, a blazer with a smart casual design is much more suitable to be chosen for a boss than one that is too formal such as a special work suit.

Choose a blazer made from a mixture of cotton and linen so that it doesn’t feel hot when worn in hot weather. But if the weather outside is cold, you can choose a blazer made of merino wool or a mixture of wool and silk.

T-shirt Change Shirt

T-shirts or t-shirts can be an alternative if you are lazy to wear long or short shirts. However, the shirts worn are not just any shirts like pictures or have more than one color. Also make sure to choose a shirt that is the right size and has a round neckline or crew neck.

Also, avoid t-shirts with thin fabrics because they can irritate the inside of the body, such as the nipples. Do not also choose a shirt with a V neck collar model. This is intended to avoid a negative impression for those who see it.

Casual Trousers

Like the top, the impression of a smart casual style can be applied to subordinates. No need to wear pants that look serious, chino pants or jeans with a slim cut are included in the requirements for smart casual style . Also, make sure the pants you wear are the right size, neutral in color, and the ends of the pants are not folded.

Also, don’t wear ripped jeans or jeans that are worn out and have been torn in several places. When deciding to wear jeans, look for dark blue or black ones. Pair with a shirt or t-shirt and a blazer.


The use of smart casual style shoes is quite simple. Make sure the shoes you wear match your tops and bottoms. For example, do not use oxford shoes to complete a linen shirt and trousers or shorts, but loafers .

However, if it’s a birthday party or event, you can wear white sneakers. If attending a wedding, dress shoes that are a little more serious, such as oxford, derby or loafers can be an option. The use of the right shoes can maximize the style of appearance.

Smart Casual Support Accessories

In addition to top and bottom clothing, the use of accessories is also important as a support for smart casual style. Some accessories that are suitable for smart casual appearance are glasses, belts, leather or stainless watches, and also leather bags.…

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Tips for Choosing Comfortable Sleepwear

Pajamas have become a fashion trend among women. Here are tips for choosing comfortable sleepwear. Co-Founder of Mrs Pajamas, Lusy Gunawan shares tips on choosing comfortable sleepwear. Pajama clothes are even used for traveling.

Pajamas are now a new fashion trend among women, no longer as an attribute for sleeping, but their use has become widespread and can even be used when traveling.

However, it is also important to be able to choose comfortable pajamas or sleepwear. Because, comfortable sleepwear will make a person sleep better and sleep quality better. So, what should be considered when choosing sleepwear?

There are various types of fabrics that can be used as sleepwear, including cotton, rayon, satin and silk. But what needs to be considered is to choose a material that is not hot or stiff and can absorb sweat.

So the skin can breathe freely and sleep will be more comfortable. The use of materials that are too thin or thick is also not good because it can cause cold or heat.

Clothing Size

In the selection of clothing sizes, you should choose loose-sized sleepwear . Loose clothing will provide room for the skin to breathe easily and improve blood circulation. Wearing loose clothing also makes us less claustrophobic and free to move during sleep.

Clothing Color

The color of clothes also has an important role in sleeping comfort. Soft or soft colors can make sleep more sound. These colors have been shown to slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure. Blue and purple colors are also known to make sleep more restful.…

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Getting to Know the Products You Buy Online With Product Reviews

Getting to Know the Products You Buy Online With Product Reviews

When you are shopping online for deals, sometimes you run into the fact that there is hardly any information about what you are looking for. Sometimes you have to look all over the place and perhaps the places that you have found that sell what you are looking for, aren’t the names trustworthy enough for you. Well, with reviews from people who have already bought, paid and used the products themselves from those vendors, you can get very good advice on the things that you want to spend your money on.

Shopping Online is the Future

People all over the world are turning to shopping online simply because they are busy and have full lives that leave them little time to go store hopping to find the best deals that they can on something. Instead, they have to truly trust the brand names that they know and love to get them online. When you read over these reviews, you can truly get a sense of how something works and functions, the kinds of problems that people have had with it and many other factors that you might never be able to get from a sales person in a store.

Getting the Truth about a Product

Those people in the stores want to make their commission and they aren’t going to tell you that something you are interested in falls apart after only a few days or that it has been recalled in some states. They just want to make money, so it’s much better to get good reviews online to know that you can actually spend the money that you want and get exactly what you are looking for.

Saving Time and Money

People really want to save both time and money and doing their shopping online, no matter what the occasion. If it’s for a gift or if it’s for something around the house, you will be able to get truthful and honest help and guidance reading other people’s reviews of the products that you are interested in. Imagine being able to find out that your favorite product has a really bad review and being able to find a replacement to it because someone else had the same issue, so you get exactly what you want after all.

Honesty is the Best Policy

No fancy talk, no crap from sales people; instead, you get honest insight and find out the truth about new and old favorites that you might have overlooked in your shopping experiences otherwise. So, no matter if you are a pro or if you are new to shopping online, you will truly be able to find out what you want to know through these Product Reviews.…

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Advantages And Reasons To Use Reusable Polypropylene Grocery Bags

Advantages And Reasons To Use Reusable Polypropylene Grocery Bags

PP woven bags are a less common name for the reusable shopping bags that have taken our nations by storm. These PP shopping bags have had just the desired effect and are now being sold in shopping malls and local stores worldwide. All over the world, people are now understanding of the fact that the plastic bags we have all been using for so long are seriously damaging our environment. This is because our landfills are now so full there is literally no more room! Things simply are not decomposing fast enough to fill the required need from people using plastic carrier bags to the extent that they currently do. This is the main reason that a lot of countries have now banned their usage completely and are insisting on the use of these pp woven bags. For a small cost, these bags provide many, many advantages to the user to allow for more ease when shopping and carrying anything for that matter!

First things first, these polypropylene shopping bags are extremely durable, which is a lot more than can be said for the standard plastic carrier bags we have all been using on a regular basis. Therefore, when you are carrying quite a large amount of goods in your shopping bag you do not need to fear the handles gripping your fingers to the point where they break the skin or the bag itself tearing and leaving your shopping to roll down the street without you! Another major advantage to these shopping bags is the space they require in your home. Whereas plastic bags are collected more and more each week and end up taking an entire cupboard of space up, these reusable bags can easily be hung on a coat peg or something similar as you will never need more than around for your weekly shopping excursion. Therefore, you can now find good use for your old plastic carrier bags by using them for rubbish bags rather than buying bin liner bags etc. A great way to help save the environment and your money!

A great benefit of using these pp woven bags or reusable bags is the acknowledgement you get for this in many stores. A lot of places are now offering discounts or credit points to those that shop with their own bags rather than using more from the store. This is a very encouraging approach to get people to use pp woven bags without pressuring them at all. Another good thing about these bags and one of the main reasons why they have become so popular over the past few months especially is the simple fact that they are now seen to be fashionable. The BOPP film that is laminated over the bags during production means that any kind of design and pattern can be applied to the bags. All of these embellishments are done after the bag has been put together in the factory and then shipped off to several different stores.…

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The DubLi Reverse Auction and Shopping Portal Review

The DubLi Reverse Auction and Shopping Portal Review

Newly introduced e-commerce sites often require some extra explanation so that online shoppers can fully understand the benefits. This was the case with DubLi when I entered North American in the Spring of 2009 and more recently in Australia and New Zealand. This post will address some of the common questions I get about the auctions and its shopping portal.

First, DubLi is a German-based company that features two distinct reverse auctions. The auctions feature the latest and more in-demand retail items. Popular items range from PlayStation 3s and digital camera’s to designer purses and gift cards. Customers have the advantage of bidding on things that are guaranteed to be priced below retail price, sometimes much lower.

Both the Unique and Xpress auctions require users to buy credits up front to take part in the great buys. Each 80 cent credit is used to reveal the hidden price as well as to purchase the item. DubLi offers volume discounts to avid customers looking to purchase larger amounts. In fact, many business associates have bought credits for just 60 cents, equaling a 25% discount.

The Xpress auction is where users have the ability to buy auction items at will. They do this buy first using a credit to reveal the price which in turn dropped it by 25 cents, hence the name ‘reverse auction’. It 100 customers clicked on revealed price without deciding the purchase, the price would be $25 less than the initial price. At any point the item can be purchased via credit card and the auction would end. Currently there are hundreds of Xpress auctions available for bidding.

The Unique Bid auction is similar to the Xpress auction in that customers use credits to win brand new items. However, this type of auction is timed such that the lowest unique bidder bidder wins the auction at the specified end time. Bids are placed on 25 cent increments from $0 all the way up to the retail price. Unique Bid winners often attest to a strategy in placing a range of bids to hedge against competing bidders. Additionally, DubLi will notify users if their specific bid price was duplicated so that users can bid again to find the lowest unique price. The more people that learn how this new and exciting form of online shopping, the more that prices will quickly drop below retail standards.

The second half of the DubLi website is the shopping portal, where a larger number of products can be bought from the largest worldwide retailers. It includes well over 1000 retailers that feature unique discounts for DubLi shoppers. Each item lists a percentage that is credited to shoppers in the form of points. Once sufficient points are accumulated, users can redeem them for cash- or gift-cards for flexible spending.

DubLi quite literally has something for everyone, regardless of a person’s shopping needs or customs. Look out for it to quickly become a household name as its appeal spreads through online and social networks for years to come.

The Unique Bid auction is similar to the Xpress auction in that customers use credits to win brand new items. However, this type of auction is timed such that the lowest unique bidder bidder wins the auction at the specified end time. Many are calling it “eBay meets Las Vegas”. Here’s how it works: Bids are placed on 25 cent increments from $0 all the way up to the retail price. Unique Bid winners often attest to a strategy in placing a range of bids to hedge against competing bidders. Additionally, DubLi will notify users if their specific bid price was duplicated so that users can bid again to find the lowest unique price. Unique Bid auctions have turn new customers into ravings fans with such prizes including a Harley Davison Motorcycle and a Ford Mustang GT.

The more people that learn how this new and exciting form of online shopping, the more that prices will quickly drop below retail standards.

The second half of the DubLi website is the shopping portal, where a larger number of products can be bought from the largest worldwide retailers. It includes well over 1000 retailers that feature unique discounts for DubLi shoppers. Each item lists a percentage that is credited to shoppers in the form of points. Once sufficient points are accumulated, users can redeem them for cash- or gift-cards for flexible spending. One of my favorite online stores is (show in DubLi) where I can find substantially discounted gift certificates to some of my favorite place to eat. Just search by your zip code and follow the easy steps DubLi lays out.

So how can you get credits to join in on this new online shopping frenzy? Simply visit the DubLi …

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New Style Clothes Gown

Perpetually 21 is the authority on fashion & the go-to retailer for the latest developments, should-have kinds & the most popular offers. Shop women’s clothing at and save. The supermarket of on-line-sale purchasing, Brand Alley contains a each day line-up of manufacturers from French Connection to D&G. One of the largest vogue on-line retailers, Yoox’s roster of brands includes Alexander McQueen and Prada, but the place this web site really comes into its own is with its fastidiously chosen finish-of-season product sales.

Store for the latest fashion kinds and trends for ladies at ASOS. Men might sometimes select to put on men’s skirts such as togas or kilts , particularly on ceremonial occasions. As one of many UK’s main online costume-rent websites, on Want Want Wear you may find a roster of clothes for every event, whether it’s black tie, bridesmaid duties or summer time barbecues, in a range of sizes and brands.

South India Vogue is popular on showcasing you with the newest Shirt Designs and focuses more on wearable South Indian tendencies and outfits like sarees, half sarees, blouses and marriage ceremony ensembles by main Indian trend designers and boutiques.

In Western societies, skirts , dresses and excessive-heeled shoes are often seen as ladies’s clothing, while neckties are often seen as males’s clothes. Uncover the most recent trend and trends in menswear and womenswear at ASOS. In Type Attire, Footwear, Skirts & Different Tendencies in Women’s and Junior’s Clothing.

Clothes designed to be worn by either sex is known as unisex clothing Unisex garments, such as T-shirts, tends to be cut straighter to suit a wider variety of our bodies. Affordable prices on women’s vogue clothing, sneakers, boots, and accessories.…

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Different Types of Handbags to Shop

Different Types of Handbags to Shop

Most women are excited when they go shopping during promotional periods, such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve and National holiday, etc. In promotional periods, people could get more discounts for high quality handbags and other products. Crowds of women are fascinated by huge discounts and promotions of different high-quality handbags, including luxury handbags and designer handbags.

However, if you don’t have a clear understanding about your personal style of dressing, you could not choose a handbag that suits you. Even though you could get a favorable discount during the promotion, it would be a waste of money for you. Choosing a suitable handbag that matches your personal style would add some shining points to the total effects of your image. On the contrary, it would be a disaster. Therefore, the first step you should take is to figure out what type of handbags you would like to buy.

The following are some types of handbags for your reference.

1. Bright type.

Just as its name implies, this kind of bags are rich in color, lively in style, and could bring people fresh feeling. This kind of handbags could be frequently used in spring and summer as the main colors of these two seasons are light colors. Gorgeous colors of handbags could match perfectly. But the size of the bags should not be too large as I personally think that the large sizes of colorful handbags are more suitable for European people than for Asian.

2. Formal style

This kind of handbags is suitable for office workers. The main colors are black, white, brown and brunet. Considering that the white-collar workers have to wear formal suits, it would be better for you to choose formal handbags. However, you could add some shining spots in your dress by choosing a formal handbag that has distinctive features, such as tassels, rivet, metal chain, etc.

3. Casual style.

This kind of handbags is easy to collocate with different daily dress. You could go shopping with a high quality casual handbag or go for an outing wearing a casual handbag. It could be a large-sized handbag that is made of canvas or jean. It all depends on your own preference.

4. Luxury style.

This kind of handbags has relatively fewer chance of being used in our daily life. They are small in size and elegant in design. High quality handbags of this kind could be used in parties, ball, wedding ceremony, etc. When you go shopping, you could choose handbags that have silk, sequin and other luxuriant shiny materials.

From what have been discussed above, you may have a general understanding about some types of handbags. When you go shopping and feel excited about the promotion, you could make a good choice by selecting the right types of handbags according to your personal dressing style.…

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How To Choose Women’s Eyeglasses That Look Awesome

How To Choose Women’s Eyeglasses That Look Awesome

It is very important to get eyeglasses that not only improve vision, but also look awesome especially for women. Some women will find a specific type of eyeglasses that they like and stay with that look even when changing prescriptions. However, there are women who stay with the trends in fashion eyeglasses and will change frames every couple of years or so. Many women enjoy changing frames as new trends emerge. If you are woman who enjoys changing eyeglasses frames to complement the latest fashion rends, there are a few considerations to take into account when choosing a new pair of fashionable eyeglasses.

When you choose eyeglasses, you have to consider your face and how the eyeglasses look when wearing them. You have to decide if you want frames that are not that noticeable or eyeglasses that really stand out. The frames should complement your face, and not make any particular facial feature stand out. It should also be comfortable and attractive. It is important to browse the various selections to determine which type of eyeglasses grabs your attention. Shopping online at a reputable online retailer will provide you with the most wide ranging choice. It is also important to get eyeglasses that work with the shape of your face as well as your eye and hair color.

The shape of the eyeglasses is another important factor to consider. Some eyeglasses will not work with a certain face shape. For instance, if you have a round face, round frames will not work well as they will really highlight the roundness. A rectangular frame works well with a round face. You also do not want eyeglasses that are viewed as an extreme design if you are a person with very strong facial features. For instance, softer shape eyeglasses work well with square faces as they soften the facial features. Also, it is important to consider the size of the eyeglasses frames. For instance, if you have a very large prominent face, really tiny round frames will not work well. The frames you choose should complement your face and not make it appear bigger or smaller. Your eyeglasses should not detract from your face or hide it.

Today, eyeglass frames are made of different types of material such as metal, regular plastic, and polycarbonate. Some materials are stronger than others. For instance, anodized titanium is used to make very thin frames that are light and very strong. When it comes to plastics, there are strong and durable frames for people who play sports. They do not damage easily. If you have a really strong prescription, you will need a thicker lens unless it is anodized titanium which is a good choice for strong prescriptions. You may likely not be suitable for rimless frames.

Fortunately, consumers can get really cheap discounted eyeglasses online. They have a wide choice of frame styles including the top brand names such as LuLu Guinness, Laura Ashley, Balenciaga, OGI Eyewear, Cinzia, Phoebe Couture, and more. When you shop for cheap eyeglasses online at a reputable eyeglasses retailer, you will get quality stylish eyeglasses and save a significant amount of money, often up to 70%.…