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The Rich History Of Nose Jewelry

The nose pin is an ongoing trendy fashion originating in the Indian culture. The nose pin has cycled to mean different things, defining your style and your expression of fashion. You may prefer to wear this piece of nose jewelry to pay homage to the Indian culture or simply as a fashion statement. You may prefer to wear your nose pins to make a statement of your fertility because often women who were married or engaged wore nose pins to signify their fertility. Nose pins grab the attention of young girls who yearn to express their femininity. While many traditional parents sit back and shake their heads wondering what is going on with their daughter, and feeling she has perhaps taken on a sort of rebellious attitude. Nothing could be further from the truth. The nose pin of today helps to express the girl’s style.

Three Different Kinds of Nose Jewelry Fashions
Many companies offer your fashion conscious side a massive selection of nose pins. The nose pin industry offers pin, nose rings, and nose studs. These attractive jewelry pieces are available in white gold and yellow gold and most traditionally come with a sparkling diamond nosepins, a set of diamonds, beautiful birthstones, pearls, or a combination of fine stones. Trending now, for you are a wide variety of different nose pins that do not contain stones but unlimited and fashionable images of dogs, cats, flowers, and decorative designs in gold, silver, or bronze. These nosepins make a statement of your love and focus in life and designate something that you feel is important to you that are available online or in retail storefronts.

No Longer Tiny Pieces of Jewelry
Nose pins are no longer small, and delicate pieces of jewelry but are now available and sold in larger designs that cover most of the side of the nose. Ornate pieces of gold rings that hang down from the nose to the lip are at the forefront of a fashion statement of today. Some nose pin jewelry pierces the side of the nose and a chain attached to the nose pin pierces the lip or lower ear lobe connecting both areas of the face. As far as nose pins go, the industry has widened their offerings of nose pins, studs, and nose rings to signify the girl or woman’s definitive character and style.

Nose Jewelry to Fit Any Taste and Style
Fashion styles include over twenty different tastes, and there are nose pins, nose studs, and nose rings to match all of these styles. What is your fashion and style that is trending today, always casual, exotic, Or Bohemian? Are you elegant, preppy, vibrant, western, sexy, punk, sporty, down-home girl, classic all-business, Gothic, Rocker, or artistic? Do you prefer to make a fashion statement as seen in old English, Victorian, or the 1950s? There are pieces of nose jewelry fitting your tastes and styles.