Tricks to Buy Eyeglasses in Online Shop to Buy No False

Buy eyeglasses in the online shop is often confusing. Because it could have been the model that has been targeted. It is less suitable for the face shape. Not to mention the size of the frame that can be big or too small. In order not to buy one. This trick to buy glasses in the online shop.

Frame design

This point is important so that you do not choose the wrong frame of glasses that fit with face shape. According to Paulette, the brand of glasses from France. There are 4 things to note. For a round face, avoid round or oval glasses in order not to give the impression more round.

Note the terms and conditions

Every online shop, either on Instagram, e-commerce. Or on the official website must have the terms and conditions of the order. This section is often overlooked when it is very important. Because it can know whether to pay before the glasses up or not. And there is no warranty or not.

eye check
The usually online shop has a list of lenses, whether it is minus. Plus, or cylindrical with different levels. If you are feeling unsure, check your eyes to the doctor before ordering. Results in the doctor will be more accurate.

Frame size
This method is somewhat complicated but worth to try. Ie makes a replica. The first step, ask the seller to photograph the glasses from the front. Request full size of glasses frames. Ranging from width, height, bridge of glasses.

When ordering, make sure the selected glasses have anti-radiation or anti-UV rays. This lens has a metal material that can┬áradiation from the sides of the lens. This is perfect for you who often move in front of the computer screen to keep the eye to stay healthy.…