Overcoming bleeding gums with natural ingredients

The pain of bleeding gums is very painful, is not it? In addition to the scowl, swell, flushed also make all day long. This is my friend, bleeding gums is initially did not hurt. At first, it looks trivial and ignores it when it bleeds in while brushing teeth. But make no mistake if allowed to drag on will be a serious problem.

Everyone may have experienced bleeding gums at least once in her life. Conditions of bleeding gums can occur when a person is brushing his teeth, eating, or doing other activities and even when someone is silent though. The gums are a tooth advocate, so any problems that occur on the teeth will affect the gums and vice versa. Bloody gums do not just happen, there are several causes that can trigger the onset of bleeding gums. If you have bleeding gums, some of the following natural ingredients can help to overcome them:


The fruit is yellow and tastes slightly acidic it turns out to have remarkable properties to treat all health conditions. Including one of them is to overcome the bleeding gums. The content of vitamin C in it is considered potent to cure bleeding gums. If you want to use lemon to treat bleeding gums


Garlic has been recognized as a natural ingredient to cure all health. Conditions because of the natural antibiotic content in it. Garlic also has good properties for oral health including gum health. To overcome the bleeding gums with garlic. You can increase the consumption of foods containing garlic.


Benefits of salt were not only a salt adder for cooking. Salt can also treat pain such as diarrhoea and bleeding gums.


Who would have thought that the red fruit that tastes slightly acidic is very useful for healthy teeth and gums? In addition to its natural benefits to whiten teeth, it turns out the strawberries can also be efficacious to overcome the gum bleeding.

Clove Oil

In addition to coconut oil, another type of oil that can also treat bleeding gums is clove oil. Clove oil has anti-bacterial properties, and anti-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory so that the content can be powerful to overcome the bleeding gums. In addition, clove oil can also stop the bleeding. The use of clove oil to overcome bleeding gums is as easy as using coconut oil, just by rubbing it on a bleeding gum.

6 Benefits of Healthy Food for the Body

When listening to healthy food. What comes to your mind. Organic food or any kind of expensive food. Of course, this thinking is wrongly incorrect. Because in fact, healthy food can be obtained in an easy way and affordable prices.

In addition to applying a healthy lifestyle. The body also needs the proper intake of nutrients by routinely eating healthy and nutritious foods. Healthy lifestyles always prioritize the intake of fruits and vegetables as well as a high protein source. So it can help the absorption of nutrients are more optimal. And here are 6 benefits of healthy and nutritious foods for the body you need to know:

Improving the Immune System In the Body

If you want to improve the immune system in the body, from now consider the menu of food you consume. To make it happen, you should eat fruit and vegetables in sufficient quantities for the body. Why is that? Because fruits and vegetables have properties and many vitamins contained therein, so it will form a much better immune system.

Make the Body More Fresh

In addition to beneficial to improve the immune system in the body. Regular eating healthy and nutritious foods. Are also believed to make the body become more healthy and fresh. Thus, you can perform various activities every day smoothly without feeling tired meaning.

Lose Weight

Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables into foods that are highly recommended for those who are undergoing a diet program. In addition to healthy and nutritious. Consuming fruits and vegetables contain low calories and fat-free so it is very good to help you lose weight.

Add Remembered Power

Anyone who does not want to have dementia at an early age needs to consume nutritious food. Healthy foods provide nutritional supplies to the organs of the body, including the brain. Brain memory if not often trained can decrease. But food also has a great contribution. Foods rich in vitamin b6 and b12 are good for maintaining brain health by maintaining homocysteine levels in the body.…

Why Good Sports for Brain

Sport is not limited to getting a healthy body and athletic. More than that, a fit and healthy body turned out to give a big function to our Brain. As your muscles grow bigger and stronger. And your cardio capacity increases, our brain changes. This is what happens to the brain along with muscle development because of exercise:

Exercise Helps Us Control Stress

When we work on cardio like running, swimming. Or biking, the body produces an exclusive protein in the brain called brain-derived neurotrophic factor.  With better defence against stress, our brains can work more effectively while doing cognitive tasks such as learning and mood setting. As well as in correcting the immune system, heart rate regulation, and breathing.

Exercise Can Sharpen Memory

As your body becomes fitter, the part of the brain called the hippocampus develops. And it takes six weeks of aerobics to get results. Similarly, according to the study of the study written in NeuroImage.

Exercise can sharpen your memory

As we become more fit, the part of the brain called the hippocampus develops, and it takes only six weeks of aerobic exercise to get the results. Thus according to research written in NeuroImage. In the study, participants who were not normally exercised were asked to move on a stationary bike for 30 minutes, five days a week. At the end of the sixth week. All participants had larger hippocampal volumes than before.

Exercise Can Improve Mood

When we do by body our body will produce endorphins, which make us comfortable. When combined with opiate receptors in the brain, will produce a better mood. Exercise improves mood.

When we exercise regularly, our brains will become more efficient in tackling the pain, so we do not need to consume drugs, “Breuning said. I hope my information is useful. Good luck

The Dangers of Excessive Salt Consumption

Why do so many people love salt? A research has explained that the brain responds to the sodium we consume similar to the substance of nicotine. To be able to create the effects of addiction. Unfortunately, whatever we like with salt, we still need to limit the salt intake to a maximum of 5 grams or one teaspoon per day. Because if not, then excessive salt intake can be bad for your body health. Here are some dangers that can arise if we consume excessive salt.

Decreased Brain Function

The study explains that adults who consume lots of salt in foods are at risk more than just heart disease. A Baycrest study even indicates that adults who consume too much salt and do not exercise more risk in experiencing cognitive decline.

Interfere with Kidney Function

As we know, one of the benefits of salt is to balance the level of fluid in the body, by handing the cues for the kidneys when to support the water and when to dispose of water. Unfortunately, excessive salt intake may interfere with the process.

Increase Blood Pressure

Salt can trigger blood pressure because of the higher the level of sodium in the blood, the higher the volume of your blood. Increase in blood volume that was able to raise blood pressure. In addition, long-term consumption of sodium can damage blood vessel walls and increase the risk of hypertension or high blood pressure.

Stroke and Vascular Dementia

High salt intake adds blood pressure, increasing the risk of stroke and vascular dementia. Dementia is the loss of brain function that affects memory, thought, language, judgment, and behaviour. Vascular dementia can be caused by clogged blood vessels in the brain. About one in three people who feel stroke and feel vascular dementia.

Bone Thinning

Excessive calcium excretion in urine relied upon by some experienced may increase the risk of bone thinning. Some studies have even explained that salt can cause the bone to lose calcium and can create bones become weaker. Over the long term, excessive calcium loss may be associated with a risk of osteoporosis, especially in postmenopausal women.

Benefits of Drinking Water Before Night Sleep

A lot of people who advise drinking water. The results showed that drinking water at least 8 glasses per day. Yes, it is true. Water is the most composed component of the human body. If a person can survive by not eating for 40 days, then one cannot live when he does not consume water. Try there are people who do not drink water for 2 days, surely there will be great dehydration and organ damage in the body very seriously.

To maintain good health, water is the main requirement to be consumed by everyone. Drinking water at any hour is good, but there are certain hours that if consuming water every day will have a very good impact on health. What time is it? Hours before you sleep at night. What difference does it make? What are the benefits of drinking water before bed? Well, here are 6 benefits of drinking water before bed

Eliminating Toxins in the Body

Lots of toxins that enter our body during the day. For example pollution, dust and poison in food. The poison if we let it can cause disease for the body. Therefore, drinking water at night can help the body to eliminate these toxins.

Improve Sleep Quality

The benefit of drinking water before bed is the third is to improve the quality of your sleep. Water that enters the body will balance the vitamins, minerals, hormones, vitamins, and all the nutrients in our body. water can also relax the muscles and joints are stiff, so the body becomes fresh when waking up the next day.

Helps Lose Weight

Whitewater is a beverage that contains no calories, has no taste, and no additives of any kind are put into it. But whitewater has something that can make all kinds of physiological systems in the body smooth and function normally.…

5 Foods that cause Body Odor

You definitely do not want, if it looks beautiful body odour. Conversely, you also would not be comfortable. If there are people around you who smell body or even thoAll Postsse who judge you like that. Cases of body odour are quite difficult intolerance so you should try to be a fragrant body or not underarm odour.

One way to eliminate the most effective body is to use deodorant that is easy to get anywhere. Even deodorant has a lot of innovation, not only eliminate body odour but there is a prevent yellow colour in clothes due to sweat and others. Unfortunately, the use of deodorant is too long or every day in use also there is a downside. Many experts say that the long-term use of deodorant will adversely affect its users. If deodorant is not good, then what to do?. Take it easy, there are other ways that body odour can be lost. The trick is to avoid foods that can trigger body odour. Foods that can trigger weight include:


Who does not like the fried food. It feels good if eaten with chilli. Apparently, fried foods also include foods that make body odour. Because fried contains oil and worsens the digestive system which causes body odour.

Eating That Contains Spices

When cooking you usually add a lot of spices. In order for the food, you cook out tastes delicious. However, you should be careful when using spices that can make body odour like garlic. The spice with a strong aroma will produce sulfur gas that is absorbed by the blood and eliminated through the lungs and pores when ingested by the body. The result is your mouth and body will smell.

Red Meat

The body can not always quickly process the food you consume. So there are foods that are slowly digested one red meat. Therefore the body will release toxins and foul-smelling gas through sweat so the body becomes smelly.

Dairy Products

Milk can also make body odour because of the protein content is quite a lot. Protein content in the body will break and release substances that trigger body odour hydrogen sulphide and methyl.

Junk Food

Apparently, you have to reduce this one food that is junk food because it can make body odour. Body odour due to junk food consumption due to high junk food will be salt or sugar, flour, hydrogenated oil and others.…

Nutrient Containment Available In Milk

usu is one of the most favoured drink by people. Besides milk is also good for the healthy body. Because many people liked so much processed from drinks to foods that use milk.  Of the many people who like milk. It turns out there are also avoid or not like drinking milk for reasons to make nausea. Unpleasant and so forth. If you include people who do not like milk should be on the back of the loss if you do not like drinking milk. You will lose because of the many nutrients you will not get if you do not drink milk. So if you do not like milk then it will be a loss?. Here are some of the nutrients found in milk:


The protein contained in milk is as much as 3.2 grams. Milk proteins have the ability to provide the main amino acids in a person’s body. That is used to form body tissues and build up diverse body cells. In addition, protein also serves to boost your immune system.


The fat contained in milk is a healthy fat. Because it will actually burn and not accumulated in the body. Milk fat form is liquid so easy to digest. Fat in milk is as much as 3.5 grams a little more than its protein content.


Lactose is a sugar that contains two elements of glucose and galactose. The sweet taste in milk sugar is 1/6 the sweetness of sucrose. At least the content of galactose in milk makes it safe to drink by people with diabetes.


There are several vitamins contained in milk. One, vitamin B1 of 0.03 mg. Vitamin B1 is useful to help in converting carbohydrates into glucose. From the process will eventually produce energy for various functions in the body. Vitamin B1 also plays an important role to maintain nerve function and heart health. Second is vitamin C as much as 1 gram. Vitamin C is a lot of benefits for the human body…