Healthy Life, Benefits of Mango Fruit For Your Body

Mango fruit is one of the fruits that can be found easily. Sweet arum of mango, apple mango, apple mango, and so forth. This fruit has an oval shape and there is also a round shape. The skin of the mango is mostly green and the flesh of the fruit is yellow, and inside it has a large seed. In addition, the mango fruit also has many benefits. What are the benefits of mango fruit? Here’s the review.

Mango Fruit
Here are the benefits of mango fruit to keep your body healthy that you can feel when you eat it.

 Fruit Mango is Good for Diabetics Heart Disease

If you eat mango, it can help prevent heart disease. Heart disease is one of the most dangerous diseases. The heart is the most important organ of human life. Mango fruit has a potassium content, fiber, and vitamins are great, so it can prevent any type of disease into the heart.

Can Prevent Cancer

Benefits of mango for the health of the body is to prevent cancer. Cancer is a dangerous disease that can lead to death in the sufferer. To do the prevention of cancer, usually by eating foods that have a lot of antioxidant content.

Helps to Keep Bones Healthy

One of the benefits of mango fruit that can help maintain healthy bones in order to stay healthy. Bone is one of the important parts of the body. Bones require the intake as well as vitamin K to be able to maintain bone spirits. Inside the mango is stored a lot of vitamin K that you can get. By eating the mango fruit, the bone will remain healthy and will not lack nutrients.

Healthy Digestive System in the Body

Benefits that you can get from the mango fruit is an able healthy digestive system in the body. The digestive system serves to process the food that has been consumed. But surely every person must have experienced digestive problems. Mango fruit has a lot of fiber content required by the body, so it can help the digestive system to be smooth and can remove food scraps routinely through defecation.

Overcoming Anemia Problem

Anemia or lack of blood, usually this problem occurs in women. However, women who have these complaints need not worry. You can consume natural fruit as a substance to add blood. Mango is a fruit that has a lot of iron content that can meet the needs of women who lack blood due to mistrust and other things. In addition, mango fruit is also very suitable for consumption by menopausal women and women who are pregnant. Therefore, the consumption of mangoes on a regular basis.

Can Help Keep Cholesterol Levels

If you consume mango fruit, then the body will get many benefits. One usefulness is to help keep cholesterol levels in the body to keep it balanced. Cholesterol problems are often complained of by elderly men or women. Because the will experience interference in the body if high levels of cholesterol in the body. Therefore, the consumption of mango every day because it contains many vitamin C, fiber, and pectin content that serves to stabilize cholesterol in the body.…

tips and How to Overcome Insomnia

Insomnia is a symptom of abnormalities during sleep time in the form of difficulty to sleep or maintain sleep despite having a chance for it. Symptoms of insomnia or insomnia are usually followed by a functional disorder when awake.


How to Overcome Insomnia is not one type of disease, but a symptom that has various causes, such as emotional abnormalities, physical abnormalities, and the use of drugs. Insomnia often occurs, either at a young age or old age and also often arise at the same time with emotional disorders, such as anxiety, stress, depression, anxiety, or fear of a thing. Sometimes a person is difficult to sleep not only because the body and brain are not tired. For that, the following ways to overcome insomnia in addition to using sleeping pills.

Sensing Light During Sleep Can Prevent Insomnia

Light also affects the production of the hormone melatonin. Bright light can inhibit the production of the hormone melatonin and eventually, you will be hard to sleep. It would be nice to turn off light sources such as TVs, computers, bedroom lights, or anything else before you sleep. For a light source that can not be turned off, you can use a dark cloth to cover it.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is one of the best ways to overcome insomnia and besides it can make your body healthier. The energy gained after exercise can keep the body awake. Spend the time between exercising with your sleep time between 3-4 hours. You can do light exercise, like yoga, push-ups, or anything else.

Do not Smoke

Overcome insomnia by not smoking. Nicotine and caffeine are the same as stimulants. Nicotine in cigarettes can make the body more awake and ultimately the desire to sleep was hard to do. It would be nice from now on to stop smoking and implement a healthy life that eventually you can sleep soundly.

Warm Bath Water

Bathing using warm water can make the body more comfortable. When tired of working all day, bathe with warm water to overcome the muscles are tense, so it can be easier to sleep soundly.

Not Consuming Caffeine

As has been explained above, that the content of nicotine in cigarettes as well as caffeine that can make the body more awake. Undo your intention to consume caffeine if you want to have no trouble sleeping at night.

Create a More Comfortable Room Atmosphere

With a comfortable room atmosphere and of course clean can help you sleep soundly. Before you sleep, try to make the atmosphere comfortable room by putting aside items that are considered not important in the room.

Avoid Looking at the Clock

This is to prevent your sleep from torturing if you are constantly looking at hours that ultimately cause you to worry about the rest of your sleep before tomorrow begins. For that, place the clock in the opposite direction of your sleeping distance.

Neutralize Sound

Voice vehicles, tap droplets, barking dogs, or others can eliminate most of your sleep. For that, make a sound that is regular and calm, like the sound of a fan, air conditioner, or any other sound. In addition, you can also use ear plugs or earplugs.

Make your Mind Relax

Overcoming insomnia by making the mind relax
Relieve emotion or other disturbing thoughts about 1 hour before bedtime. Do mild activity, such as, listening to music or others that can calm the mind.

Place the Neck in a Neutral Position

If you wake up with a stiff neck, blame the pillow you use. You use a very thick or very thin pillow. Pillows should be of the right size to support the position of your neck in a neutral position. Avoid sleeping posture, this is because it will wrap around your neck.

Set the Sleep Schedule

Arrange sleep schedule and wake up every day. By doing this routinely it can keep your body and brain alive at bedtime and wake up in time. So you can sleep soundly through the night. At the time you wake up, try bright light for 5-30 minutes…

Natural Tips and Methods to Prevent Osteoporosis

Bone problems become one of the health problems that are often ignored. One such bone problem is osteoporosis. You may have heard this osteoporosis often, many people may ignore this bone problem. But if not prevented when young age may be osteoporosis can be a serious health problem later on.


Osteoporosis is a condition that causes the bone to lose its density and then the bones become brittle. If a person has osteoporosis, the bone is very susceptible to fracture. Osteoporosis can also cause chronic pain even in the worst of a person’s death. Here’s how to prevent osteoporosis

1.) Vitamin D and Calcium can Prevent Osteoporosis

One of the important nutrients needed by bones is calcium. Calcium plays an important role in bone strength. Besides vitamin D is also important that is useful to help the body. In absorbing calcium from foods that have been consumed by the body. According to the journal National Institutes of Health, supposedly in adults the consumption of vitamin D 600 UI and calcium 1000 to 1200 milligrams per day.

2.) Doing Sports

Exercise is one of the most important factors for the health of the body including your bone health. One sport that can strengthen the bone is a weightlifting exercise. Sports Lifting weights will help the bones in adaptation to your body weight, in addition to doing weight lifting can also make the cells in the muscles of the body becomes solid. This exercise if done at a young time on a regular basis can prevent someone from the bone in old age later.

3.) Get the Sun Rays of the Morning

The next way you can do to prevent osteoporosis naturally is to get enough sunlight in the morning. If your skin is exposed to morning light. The skin will produce vitamin D which furthermore beneficial to your body health. However, how much the body should get sunlight is still a debate, this caused if too much sun that interacts directly with the skin can be the cause of the emergence of skin cancer.

4.) Apply Healthy Bone-Healthy Diet

We recommend that everyone should meet their daily nutritional needs well, some of them consume foods that contain calcium and protein, but do not forget to always eat vegetables and fruits. Note also intake of vitamin D is enough.

5.) Eliminate Unhealthy Habits

Everyone should stay away from things that are not healthy like smoking. Maintaining ideal weight, because too thin is not good for the bone, this is because the bones will be more susceptible to the loss.

6.) Identify Risk Factors

Anyone who wants to avoid the risk of osteoporosis should know and study osteoporosis. Some common risk factors that occur menopause that occurred at the age that is too early ie 45 years down. In addition, the use of glucocorticoids drugs or rheumatic diseases.

7.)Check Bone Density

By the time a person reaches menopause, you should visit your doctor regularly to do a bone examination and detect possible fractures occurring in the bone. People who have been diagnosed with bone loss are advised to do the treatment. Well as suggested by the examining physician.…

Tips to Know the Characteristics of Heart Disease

When the heart is pounding irregularly, some people may ignore it, it is a characteristic of heart disease. But others will show a great sense of fear and anxiety. Some even think that this is a serious enough disease, so They rush to go to the doctor or other health places. Step self-examination to the doctor or health center is the right step. But you also need to know some other characteristics of heart disease. are as follows:


High Blood Pressure Is a Characteristics Of Heart Disease

Heart disease is closely related to high blood pressure in the body. Therefore you should be able to control your blood pressure, so you can reduce the risk of heart disease. If you already have hypertension do heart health control every year at least three times.

 High Cholesterol Levels

The next cause of heart disease is high cholesterol levels. High cholesterol is one of the causes of heart attack, and most cases of high cholesterol are closely related to heart attacks. This is because high cholesterol can cause the appearance of plaque on the blood vessel so it will disrupt the performance of normal blood distribution throughout the body so that it can lead to heart failure.

Age and Sex

The risk of heart disease increases with age, especially if someone’s age is more than 65 years. Someone who is elderly can have a big chance of heart disease but did not rule out heart disease also suffered by various age. In addition, compared with women, more men suffer from heart disease.

Chronic and Hereditary Diseases

Heart disease is mostly triggered by various other diseases that suffered by someone. Such as obesity and diabetes is one of the causes of a person’s risk of heart disease. In addition, heredity also affects, if her parents have a history of heart disease, the chances of heart disease attack on the offspring are greater.


Always stressed to maintain health by getting used to doing a healthy lifestyle. Because unhealthy lifestyles such as drinking al + alcohol, smoking, irregular eating, irregular sleep, and other unhealthy lifestyles can increase a person’s risk of heart disease.

If you already know the main cause of heart disease above, immediately change your lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle. Always pay attention to everything in terms of your body’s health, notice any changes that occur in the body. If there is something unusual on your health, consult your doctor immediately.…

Bad Habits That can Damage Dental Health

Habits such as rarely brushing your teeth and never do dental. Examination to the doctor is one of the factors that increase the risk of tooth decay. However, that’s only partly, there are still some habits. That is less good for dental health and unwittingly even damage the teeth slowly. Making the teeth become porous and even fragile. Here are some things that are often done when caring for teeth

Brushing Two-Way Teeth Habits can Damage Teeth

Many people who have a habit of brushing teeth with a horizontal direction. Namely by rubbing it to the right and left. But it turns out, this way can slowly erode e-mail gear caused by a static movement.  And when brushing teeth should also pay attention to the cleanliness of the area between the didi and gums. So, when brushing your teeth. Pay attention to the back and also between the teeth, do not just focus on the front only.

Brushing Teeth Less Long

Many people have an opinion that brushing your teeth is clean and the teeth are free from various dental threats such as cavities and porous teeth. In fact, brushing your teeth takes a long time to really clean. At least brushing your teeth completely clean it takes about 15 minutes, including flossing, brushing and also rinsing.

Using Tooth As a Tool

As is known many people who use their teeth for several purposes, such as tearing snack packets by using canine teeth. In fact, can use scissors or other tools to open it. There is even more dangerous is to open the bottle cap by using the teeth, of course, this is very dangerous tooth health and mouth.

Chew Ice Cube

There are some people who have a habit of biting or chewing ice cubes, although it looks ordinary actually this is quite dangerous for dental health because of course, the teeth do not have resilience strong enough to tear ice cubes. Plus a cold ice is not for dental and mouth health. If this continues to be done, it is not impossible tooth enamel will suffer damage and small cracks. And minor damage the over time will be a widening crack and can make the teeth become more sensitive.

Consuming Sweet Foods and Drinks

The spread of bacteria in the mouth can occur due to eating foods and beverages that are sweet and have a fairly high sugar content. (Read: Dangers of Excess Sugar Consumption) Especially if someone is lazy to brush his teeth before bed. If you are a fan of sweet foods, of course, must be careful and routine to maintain your dental health and your mouth. Immediately clean your teeth after consuming sweet foods or drinks immediately brush your teeth or rinse with water.

Above is a habit that makes teeth become quickly damaged. Be careful in consuming sweet foods and beverages, in addition to routine care for your teeth so that teeth stay healthy, white and clean. To whiten your teeth you can read previous articles on how to whiten teeth naturally.…

How to Recognize the Symptoms of Early Stroke

A stroke symptoms occur due to the lack of blood supply to the part of the brain that causes the brain suddenly becomes disturbed. Lack of blood flow to the brain can lead to a biochemical reaction that can kill brain nerve cells. This may result in loss of functionality typically controlled by the network itself. The embolism can be either air or cholesterol. Here are the symptoms of stroke.


A Blurred Vision is a Symptom of a Stroke

Stroke can make the eyes of the patient becomes blurred or even lost. However, the symptoms of a stroke this one is often overlooked by many stroke patients and do not consider it as an indication of a stroke.

Hard to Understand Spoken Language

Things like this can happen and are also called language disorders or aphasia disorder. Stroke sufferers often use language that is difficult to understand by the listener or use a different language than the previous days.

A headache

Headaches that suddenly attack and are very painful. Do not assume a headache is just a regular headache, it could be one of the symptoms of stroke.

Missing Balance

If you feel dizzy, nauseous, and difficult to walk, most people may think is in a drunken state. But a sudden headache is actually one indication of stroke symptoms.

Arms or Legs Become Weak

This is one symptom of stroke characterized by arms or legs suddenly felt weak and numb. Try to lift both hands parallel to the position of your palm facing upwards for about 10 seconds. If one of your arms fell, it could be that muscle weakening which is one of the symptoms of stroke. To strengthen your arm muscles, you can do push-ups.


Symptoms of this one stroke is basically not a symptom that always appears in people with stroke. However, you should be alert if pain appears on the arms, legs, or half of the chest or face.

Reluctant to Take Things Far Away

Perhaps the symptoms of this one quite ordinary, but this happens because the nerves of the body are no longer normal and consider it all the field is flat.


Even when you’re not doing any heavy activity, fatigue can happen. This is because stroke sufferers exhibit excessive fatigue symptoms as well as mental changes.

Facial Expressions

A facial expression that is weakened may indicate one of the symptoms of a stroke. Usually, the medical expert asks his patient to smile while showing his teeth. If there is no movement, meaning stroke.


Hiccups may often happen to you. However, do not the first hint that hiccups that you experience are one of the symptoms of stroke. Because stroke can affect the function of brain performance that takes care of breathing, especially in women.

Out of Breath

Difficult to breathe even if not running or doing physical activity? If so, it could be a symptom of a stroke that must be wary of.

Difficult to Count

Patients with stroke cannot think logically and difficult in sorting numbers. This can make stroke sufferers difficult in counting even from a simple count.…

Easy Way to Treat Thrush Quickly

Thrush sores or stomatitis is a disease that occurs in the mucous membrane or mucosal layer of the mouth in the form of wounds on the mouth in the form of yellowish-white spots. The emergence of this canker sores accompanied by high pain and especially when eating or drinking. Sprue that occurs in the same mouth for two weeks to a month can be an indication of oral cancer. Here is how to treat canker sores.

Gargling Using Salt Water can Prevent Thrush

Create warm water first. Then mix the salt with warm water then use to rinse. Do this 3 times a day. The content contained in salt can attract fluid sores. Gargling using salt water can also to relieve pain in cavities.

Consumption of Fruits

You can eat oranges or other fruits. Oranges contain high vitamin C which can be used to cure canker sores.

Baking soda

Baking soda can eliminate the bacteria that cause canker sores. Way, mix baking soda with water then use to rinse. You can also make baking soda into pasta. Way, mix baking soda with salt then add a little water.


Honey can also be used to treat canker sores. The trick is very easy, apply pure honey on the sores and drink honey 3 times a day 2 tablespoons. Do it regularly.

Guava leaves

Guava leaves are well known for treating stomach ache. However, guava leaves also have efficacy to treat canker sores. Way, chew some sheets of guava leaves and gargle.


other than used as spices or spices. Turmeric can also be used to cure canker sores. Make pasta with turmeric. Wash turmeric until clean first. Then puree and mix turmeric with 1 teaspoon of glycerin by pounding or blending.

Coconut Oil and Honey

Coconut oil has antibacterial properties. Way, mix the coconut with coconut honey then apply on the wound sprue. For this step, it is good to do when going to bed.


Consuming yogurt can keep the balance of bacteria in the mouth and body. This is because yogurt contains live acidophilus. Thus can accelerate the healing process of canker sores.
That’s some of the factors that cause canker sores and how to treat canker sores. The above method uses a way of treating canker sores in a traditional way and requires a spread for the healing process.…