How Online Shopping Is Making Us Lethargic?

How Online Shopping Is Making Us Lethargic?

The answer to this question may lead us to a hot debate and discussion in between the new generation and our senior cohort. Our generation is tech savvy and internet friendly believing in doing everything using internet and enjoy shopping online, but our seniors believe in channeling their efforts and energy in physically exploring different markets and stores and get pleasure from shopping after critical and detailed analysis of products. Both the counterpart is right on their part and thoughts.

In today’s fast-moving lifestyle what we don’t have is time. From morning till night we are on our toes trying to cope with the rapid pace of the world. Be it student, professional, serviceman or business owner, every one of us are working hard day and night to prove our worth in between the tough competition prevailing around. We hardly get to spend time on leisure activities like shopping, playing and outing in weekdays. In such a hectic and tight existence, online shopping is a real savior. When we have the option of surfing hundreds of stores and outlets just by clicking on to the internet while sitting comfortably in our house, then why to go out in sun, brawl with dust and pollution and go from one shop to another for buying goods and services. Instead of wasting energy in shopping in a traditional style, the new cronies channelize their oomph and their time in more prolific activities like jogging and exercising.

But the elder generation sees things differently. They are still not convinced with the contemporary way of shopping and have no hesitation in associating online shopping with idly sitting on chair, gluing eyes to the screen of the computer and simply with wasting precious time. They will mumble and grumble about their golden days when people stepped out from home to shops for getting desired things. The seniors are not convinced to relate with the concept of buying without examining the merchandise and that too without showing off their bargaining skills. They want to base their buying decision first on actually touching the item for consumption to confirm the quality and standard, then going through the specification and by checking out the demonstration of the product. They have no fondness for the modern and quick mode of shopping.

You will always find your granny attacking online shopping with exasperation and offensive dialogues like “it’s a real waste of time and money”, “go out and enjoy the thrills of shopping” and most commonly “online shopping is making you lazy”. Well go ahead and defend online shopping by making them understand that going out for shopping is no more a thrilling activity instead it is more of mental and physical persecution. Getting stuck in traffic jams, troublesome parking trauma, making sales person understand your need, fighting your soul out just for few pennies as discount are some of the serious penalties of traditional shopping.

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