Sneaky Supermarket Tricks and How To Beat Them

Sneaky Supermarket Tricks and How To Beat Them

Make your food go further

Keep a good supply of canned, frozen and dried foods you know everyone in your household will eat. That way, even when your fridge is looking a little sad, you’ll still have options and won’t have to rush out for extras.

According to the excellent Lovefoodhatewaste website around one third of the food we buy in the UK gets thrown away. They explain that it’s largely related to dishing up portions which are too large. You can check out their portion planner to avoid this.A�

Look out for their tricks

1. Sweets and goodies near the checkout

Supermarkets earn a fortune from tired, hungry and irritable shoppers by placing appealing snacks right at the checkout so you can ‘treat yourself’. So never go shopping when you’re hungry! It might sound obvious, but you’ll end up buying things you don’t need.

2. Pretty packaging

The reason people don’t tend to buy supermarket own brand produce is because it’s purposely packaged to appear bland and unappealing. But these products, more often than not, offer better value for money than supermarket ‘Finest’ or ‘Taste the Difference’ ranges.

3. Special Offers

Big writing and colourful signs make us feel like we’re winners and the supermarket is giving us something for free. This is NEVER true. Suppliers pay the supermarkets to have their products placed in a prime position and on special offer because they know it will get customers to buy their product, even if they wouldn’t usually.

Buy-one-get-one-free offers can be useful, but only if you were going to buy the product anyway. Buy two for A�X can also be good, but always remember to look at how much the item costs individually. Only buy the item if the saving is significant.

4. Real Offers – product reductions

Supermarket stock that doesn’t shift gets reduced and these are genuine bargains.

Take advantage of them by finding out when your local supermarket gets rid of its stock (this is usually later in the evenings or on Sundays). A�A lot of the time stock near its use-by date is still perfectly fine to eat so get in there! Much more produce will be sold at bargain prices as it reaches its use by date and most of the things you buy you’ll be able to freeze so you won’t have to use them straight away.

5. Dirty display tricks

Supermarkets stack their shelves tactically by putting the most expensive items at eye-level to make you spend more. Look above and below and you can often get better deals.

Men are apparently more susceptible to eye catching displays in supermarkets, so be strong guys!

6. The supermarket maze

All supermarkets follow a similar overall layout. Fresh produce is all stocked around the outer limits of the store whereas pre-packed, processed and frozen foods are placed in the centre of the store.

They do this on purpose. It means that to get to the …

The Kids Nike Shox – A Sneaker Children Will Love

The Kids Nike Shox – A Sneaker Children Will Love

There are tons of shoes that are available for children. Some of them are good, some are OK and some are exceptional. If you are truly looking for a great shoe, then you need to check out the Kids Nike Shox. This article will take a look at why kids are so in love with this shoe and what makes it stand out from all the rest.

Why Kids Will Love This Shoe?

The Kids Nike Shox will be a hit with your child for many reasons. Generally children love these shoes based on how they look and how comfortable they are.


Kids love to have the cool things and right now the Nike Shox for Kids are some of the coolest sneakers around town. Everybody basically have a pair of these shoes and they are exceptional. The design alone sets this shoe apart from the others. It looks great being worn with shorts, jeans or a dress and the different colors enhance the look even more. Children love the Nike Shox columns that can be found in the heel of the shoe as well as the funky colors the shoe is available in. If you want combinations such as black and pink, white and green, blue and red, they are all there.


One thing that the Kids Nike Shox is comfortable. You have a sneaker that is designed to be running shoes. They are able to provide the cushioning a child needs, especially if they are doing intense activities such as running. You will not have to worry about the sneaker hurting the child’s foot, as they are designed specifically with children in mind

As you can see, these are just 2 of the features that make the Kids Nike Shox a stand out shoe. This sneaker looks great and offers kid an extremely comfortable ride. If you are looking for that right children’s sneaker, then this is definitely it. You cannot go wrong with a pair of shoes like this.…

Some Tips on Online Shopping

Some Tips on Online Shopping

Online shopping is becoming more popular because you can buy almost anything from there without going to the grocery store. If there is something you can not find in your local stores, just go shopping online and you find there. This is most likely to meet the different needs of individuals.

Shopping online is so easy and comfortable. Firstly, buy products online without going to the hot days or cold days, and you are free of crowds and noise. Online stores are open 24 hours a day; you can buy when you want. Secondly, a large shopping mall online shopping is an endless selection and you do not need to trudge from one shop to another, simply click on the mouse and find almost anything you want. When you do not know exactly what to choose, you’re free to browse the different things until you find something that interests you. Finally, online stores offer products at lower prices because they have overheads like High Street shops, such as employee leasing and sales and you can enjoy the savings.

But there are some things that you notice. Shopping online is a easier business. People can find a dress purchased online is not defective or you wish to have returned. So remember before you’re determined to buy something online, read the fine print before you fill your shopping cart. You get to know the shipping cost by reading the fine prints. The charges may be waived if you make a certain purchase amount. If you buy things from other countries, charges are often high. In addition, make sure that if there is a clear policy on returns and exchanges before buying something at the store. The chances are that you want to return the product after purchase. This is the best way to know if one wants to pay for the cost of return shipping or if the company is to return the product for the cost. Finally, make sure the dates you expect your purchase delivered so do not be left open.

Shopping online can save money, especially with larger economies codes online, deals with the day, free shipping offers.

Retailers are not always the same deals in their stores brick and mortar as they do their shopping online. The reason is the cost of operating a facility is significantly larger than the online store. Factors such as rent, electricity, payroll, materials, and loss of contraction, all contribute to gross margin and overhead of doing business in a mall.

Retailers have discovered they can meet the needs of customers with less operational costs, by having an online site, not a physical store. Good online retailers then pass the savings to its customers by reducing production costs.

Please don’t forget to visit online shopping tips for free tips,tricks and information on online shopping.…

Best Work Clothes For Women 2017

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Makati at the Heart of Everything

Makati at the Heart of Everything

Around 300 years ago, Makati was practically a swampland. As centuries went by, it turned into a majestic city and a center for almost everything that you need. It is home of the trendiest hotels, bars, shopping malls, business hubs, skyscrapers and exclusive posh residential subdivisions. Makati is a premiere city and urban lifestyle at your doorsteps.

Foreign visitors love Makati because it is at the heart of everything. From Ninoy Aquino International Airport to Makati is 30 minutes or less depending on the flow of traffic. World-class hotel accommodations are also found in Makati. There’s Makati Shangri-la Hotel, Renaissance Hotel, Ascott Makati and Mandarin Oriental Manila. Various restaurants serving all kinds of cuisines are just a stone’s throw away. It also doesn’t lack of exciting bars for your nightlife activities.

A visit to Makati means shopping galore. You’ll have loads of fun at Greenbelt, Rockwell Power Plant Mall, Glorietta, SM Makati and even Landmark. Except for Rockwell, all other malls mentioned are interconnected with one another. It’s like a one-stop shop of everything from clothing, handicrafts, shoes, food, cinemas, furniture and amusement stores. You are only limited by your imagination.

Guadalupe Ruins, St. Peter and Paul Church, Museo ng Makati and Filipinas Heritage Library are some of the historical attractions in Makati. A visit to these places will surely transport you back to Spanish times as well as during American occupation here in the Philippines. You’ll be mesmerized by the architectural structures and collection of ancient photographs to give you a bird’s eye view of how Makati was back then.

For art enthusiasts, Makati has Alliance Francaise, Luz Gallery, Galeria Jupiter and Finale Art File. Alliance Francaise’s paintings are created by Filipino artists while Luz Gallery centers on everything that is old. It can be artifacts, sculptures and ceramics. Galeria features furniture and Oriental antiques. Pottery and photographs are the art pieces of Finale Art File.

If you are longing for something green like a walk in the park, then go to Makati Park and Garden. While strolling in this well-lighted garden, enjoy the view of lagoon and man-made waterfalls. If you’re lucky, there are cultural shows in the amphitheater as well as bands playing from time to time.

Lastly, every place in the Philippines got its own feasts and festivals. Check out your itinerary and hope that your travel coincides with Makati’s annual celebrations so you can get to witness it firsthand.

Immediately after Chinese New Year, Xong Di Festival is celebrated. Witness a street parade where people are donned in colorful costumes similar to China’s ethnic tribes. It is a way of showing the friendship between the Chinese and Filipinos.

For the month of June, there are 2 events celebrated. One is called The Kasalan, basically a free mass church wedding for Makati residents who are living together but not yet married. It is celebrated on Makati’s foundation day. They needn’t worry about the reception and wedding arrangements as all these …

A Look at a Must Have For Dancers – The Nike Musique Dance Shoe Series

A Look at a Must Have For Dancers – The Nike Musique Dance Shoe Series

Dancing can be such fun. There is nothing better than being on the floor, moving your body to the rhythmic sounds and being free. To fully enjoy the class, it is a good idea to have a really good dancing sneaker. If you want a really excellent shoe, then you definitely need to have a look at the Nike Musique.

Why is the Nike Musique Such a Good Dance Shoe?

Nike has a reputation for making high-quality athletic footwear, especially when it comes to the dance genre. They have really spent a lot of time doing research and making sure that they produce high-quality dance sneakers. The reason why the Nike Musique is such a great dance sneaker is the fact that it is designed specifically with dancers in mind. You’re getting a sneaker that has exceptional cushioning. When you’re doing all your moves, you are going to want a shoe that will be comfortable and be able to cushion your feet. The shoe is also very lightweight; this helps, as it will not be able to weigh you down while you were doing your moves. Because dancing is so intense, you are definitely going to want a sneaker that has great support. The Musique is able to deliver great support, thanks in part to its mesh overlays. This will be able to hold the feet in place and help to prevent injury.

The Most Popular Nike Musique Shoes

The Musique shoes are a series and they are released by Nike every year. Over the years, it seems as if the public are stuck on three models and actually not liking the newer ones that are released. The two most popular at the moment would be the IV and the III

Nike Musique IV – This shoe is a fan favorite, just because it is almost perfect. It has an exceptional design, as well as being able to handle the rigors of dancing. It is really comfortable, as well as having outstanding support. What is also good, is that it contains a pivot point underneath the shoe. This makes it much easier to twist and turn while dancing. If you are looking for a great sneaker, then this is it.

Nike Musique III – The III does not have the outstanding design like the Musique IV, but it is still a pretty good shoe. It has all the features that are necessary for a dance shoe. The thing that really stands out, is that the III’s will give you a nice comfortable and snug fit. Your feet will be held tightly in place, while you pull off your moves. This is pretty important, as your chance of injury is reduced significantly.

If you love dancing or thinking about taking a dance aerobics class like Zumba and you are looking for some high quality footwear, then the Nike Musique is certainly one of the better options …

The Fun and Ease of Online Shopping

The Fun and Ease of Online Shopping

When we think about trying a new product, we always stop to wonder whether we will get everything the advertisements promise us. There is a tiny voice of doubt inside our head telling us that it might not be a good idea to try out something new. It is quite natural to mistrust someone you don’t know and you may have second thoughts trying out a new website. However, there is one way you can overcome all your doubts when shopping, i.e. doing it online. There are simply dozens of benefits you get out of online shopping that cannot ever be there in conventional shopping and to help you get a better idea of this, some important of them are discussed below.

Pick a Department

Reliable shopping websites offer a wide range of products that are divided into their respective departments. For instance, if you are looking for an appropriate present for your loved one or relatives, you can find various types of enlisted gifts for anyone and everyone in your social community under the department “Gifts for Occasions” or any other appropriate Tab. To narrow down your search, select the department of your particular interest. All the products are classified according to categories, while, thanks to the collaboration of major retailers with online shopping portals, you are liable to find the brands you are looking for here.

Choose Your Item of Interest

Browsing numerous departments, you can easily select your area of interest. You can click onto any item of your choice to have reviews and comments on it. Since ratings and comments are from regular shoppers like yourself, your decision to whether purchase or not, can be made easier by relying on the comments from the customers. They will specify the details of the products available and help you gain a better insight to their uses and worth.

The Only Thing for You to Do

When you reach your destination, the only thing that you have to spend time on is to make the decision of purchasing. The rest is brought to you by the website. These websites help you save as much time as possible in order for you to have a great experience. They value the importance of efficiency, especially in today’s era, and hence, take all possible steps to prevent time constraints and other petty issues that might mar the joy of your shopping.

Shop Online

Once you finalize the decision, all you have to do is click on the “Shop now” button/image. Doing so will lead you to a link through which you can place your order. That is how all your shopping can be done with no effort required, from the comfort of your own house.

Always make sure to go to website’s product reviews section before you make any purchases. Your every penny is worth the best, so get the best out of it!…

Tenant Mix Analysis

Tenant Mix Analysis

The most common problem in tenant mix strategy is lack of focus and relevance. As a common rule, identify your tenancy strengths and build around them and on them. To do this you need to respect and understand what the market and customer needs.

Shopping Centres

Tenancy mix becomes very important in retail premises of multiple tenants; that will be shopping centres of all sizes and types. A property that does not reach the needs or interest of a customer, is going to fail.

A customer wants to be well served in their shopping needs and feel good about it when they visit your property. Visit the competition shopping centre properties nearby to compare them to that which you are currently leasing. You must understand the other properties that you are competing against together with the strengths and weaknesses that they experience.

In reviewing these other properties you look at things such as:

o The entrance ways

o The car parks

o The flow of people

o The places where people stop and congregate

o The larger anchor tenants type and location

o Standards of signage

o Lighting internally

o Transport to and from the property

o The tenants that seem more successful than others

o The tenants that seem to feed customers off each other

o The amount of time that people spend at the shopping centre

o The busier days for customer shopping

When looking at these other properties it is wise to take selective photos of the things that may be relevant to compare to your property. You can analyse the photos later and revisit your ideas. Note that some property owners and managers will be sensitive to you taking photos around their property. Discretion is the rule here.

Seek to Strengthen your Rent

The only way you can underpin your rental and strengthen it is through a good tenancy mix. Given that the leases in premises are for lengthy periods of time, any mistake with tenancy mix will exist for years and frustrate the rent, the customer, the tenant, and the property. Hence you must choose tenants well and then place them with a lease that is in harmony with surrounding premises.

As parts of that process look at these issues in balance so that any concerns of tenant mix occupancy are removed and nullified. Understand:

1. Income exposure at expiry

2. Option exercise potentials

3. Exclusive or Permitted uses in the leases

4. Vacancy effects on other existing tenants

5. Relationship building or conflict potential between sitting tenant types

6. Know why tenants like or dislike your property

7. Know how your existing tenants maximise their business operations at your property

If you follow these steps, you will be armed with the strategy you need to put you in the ‘driver’s seat’ as you implement a new leasing campaign and tenancy mix for your managed property. You will know the tenant you want and you will have the selling points to attract …

New Trend Clothes Dress

On-line procuring from an awesome selection at Clothes, Sneakers & Jewellery Retailer. Bringing the quick-vogue expertise into the footwear discussion board, Linzi Shoes presents a formidable array of sneakers and boots at costs that make it exhausting to take a look at with just one pair. The sporting of clothing is generally restricted to human beings and is a function of nearly all human societies The amount and kind of clothing worn rely on physique type, social, and geographic considerations.

StyleWe is a web based fashion buying platform that includes unbiased style designers. The start in Europe of continuous and increasingly speedy change in clothes types will be pretty reliably dated. I really take pleasure in purchasing for clothing for myself and my daughters, but I don’t all the time love how expensive it is. I have all the time beloved thrift and vintage stores, as you may normally discover some great offers.

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Males’s fashions had been largely derived from navy models, and changes in a European male silhouette have been galvanized in theaters of European war where gentleman officers had alternatives to make notes of international kinds such because the “Steinkirk” cravat or necktie.

In Western societies, skirts , attire and excessive-heeled footwear are normally seen as women’s clothes, whereas neckties are normally seen as men’s clothing. Uncover the latest vogue and tendencies in menswear and womenswear at ASOS. In Model Clothes, Shoes, Skirts & Different Traits in Women’s and Junior’s Clothes.…

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