Body Building Program – Weekly Shopping List For Adding Muscle Mass in Men and Women

Body Building Program – Weekly Shopping List For Adding Muscle Mass in Men and Women

Like any body building programs, food are the most important factor in the training. It is quite a difficult task for anyone who has a busy routine life and need to do shopping every single day during their body building programs. However there is a solutions to the problem. With a strict weekly shopping list it will be easier to follow and you don’t have to repeat the same shopping EVERYDAY! Because of that I have list down all the items that is necessary for your daily routine workout plan. Here’s a few tips for you to include into your shopping list;

 Protein Sources

3 Steaks

2kg Alaskan Pollock fish

6 chicken breasts

5 containers 1% low-fat cottage cheese

1 gallon 1% or 0% low-fat milk (skim)

2 dozen large white eggs

Carbohydrate Sources

1 Sweet potato (Yam)

7 packets of pasta

1 small box minute rice

3 heads of broccoli

6 apples

1 green pepper

2 small bags of baby carrots

Fat Sources

1 jar olive oil

mixed nuts or almonds

1 jar all natural old-fashioned peanut butter

These above lists are the natural ways to be added into your shopping list regardless for men or women. It is vitally important to combine all of the above daily diet balance everyday to improve your muscles growth. In short, Regardless of training phase, age, BMR, or body-type, food selection will always be determined by ones goals and ones training intensity. It is necessary to select whole foods over processed. Whole foods go a long way toward the realization of ones bodybuilding goals. 

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