How Would You Rate The Top 5 Golf Club Brands – The Golf Channel

How Would You Rate The Top 5 Golf Club Brands – The Golf Channel

The origin of golf as the game we know today can be traced back to the mid 1600s in Scotland. From there its popularity spread across countries and continents and is now played all over the world. With the increasing popularity of the game, the demand for golfing equipment grew and several sporting goods manufacturers entered this niche market to cash in on the customer demand.

Golf clubs are an important part of the equipment. From drivers, irons, wedges and putters, there are various types of golf clubs that each golfer carries in his set. So which brands of clubs are considered the best? Here is a rundown on the top five in alphabetical order based on reviews.


Since 1982, the company has been making a range of golfing equipment and accessories. It was initially famous as the best brand for beginners as its range of clubs were considered forgiving. Soon with endorsements from professional golfers such as Phil Mickelson, the Callaway brand improved its status. The brand gained the spotlight when it came out with the Big Bertha range of clubs. The current favorite among golfers is the Callaway X460, an all titanium 460cc driver that enables longer and straighter tee shots.


This brand of golf clubs has been available in the market since 1972. It gained fame due to the Baffler range of clubs. Among the professional golfers who have endorsed Cobra in the past was Greg Norman, the former world number one. The brand has been taken over by Puma in early 2010. Current top sellers of this brand include the King Cobra and the Cobra S9 range of irons.


Although it was already an established sporting goods brand, Nike ventured into Golf only in 1984. Nike Golf is perhaps popular as a brand due to its endorser Tiger Woods with whom the company had signed a twenty year contract in 1985. The sporting brand manufacturer has been a popular brand for irons and its current range of Slingshot irons is a hot seller.


The TaylorMade Metalwood clubs were the first to use metal in the manufacture of golf clubs in 1979. Until then, persimmon and wooden clubs were widely used. The ability of the metal club to drive the ball faster made this brand increasingly popular. At present, TaylorMade is a subsidiary of the German sporting giant Adidas. Latest clubs from the company’s stable include the 2010 TaylorMade Burner TP irons.


Since 1962, the Acushnet Company, which owns the Titleist brand has been manufacturing and selling golf clubs. The company is best known for its Scotty Cameron range of clubs. In fact, Tiger Woods used this brand before Nike signed him on.

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