Promotional Canvas Bags – The REAL Eco Friendly Tote

Promotional Canvas Bags – The REAL Eco Friendly Tote

How many claims do you hear every day for companies that are “green?” I would venture to say that there are hundreds of thousands of businesses in the eco friendly market, which sounds great for the environment. The problem is that any company can claim to be “green.” If you’re company is truly green, make sure your customers know what makes you green.

The market place is flooded with new “eco friendly” businesses. So, you need to set yourself apart if you are going to put on the green hat. You can do this by promoting your company with a promotional canvas bag. These tote are actually more eco friendly than other reusable shopping bags because they are made from cotton canvas, which is a natural growing fiber. Since the bags are made from natural fibers, they are also biodegradable.

Promotional canvas bags are also eco friendly because they are reusable. When you give these bags to your customers and potential customers, you will be helping out the environment by promoting the reduction of traditional plastic bags used in the grocery stores. These plastic bags are very inexpensive for the grocery stores, so they continue to use them, despite their harmful effects on nature and the environment. So, by giving these reusable cotton bags away, you will be helping out the environment.

Okay, business owners, let’s get real: you are not only looking for an eco friendly alternative, but you are also looking for more customers. Am I right? If you’re in business, you are constantly looking for more customers, more loyal customers, and customers that are willing to spend more money each visit. The promotional canvas bags will be a great promotion because your logo will be imprinted on the bags, and your customers will appreciate your influence of going green. Your customers will see your logo every time they shop. Other potential customers will also see your logo because it will be carried around the grocery stores and shopping centers.

Consider using a promotional canvas bag the next time you are promoting your business or organization. Another added benefit to consider is purchasing bags that are made in the USA. Again, your customers will appreciate it when you are purchasing goods within the United States because it is keeping the work and labor locally instead of sending it overseas. A great resource for cotton bags made in the USA can be found here: