Refrigerators – How To Buy A Refrigerator

Refrigerators – How To Buy A Refrigerator

The refrigerator is usually the most expensive and frequently visited appliance in the home today. We rely on it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep things cold and fresh for our families. Whether you are shopping for that first refrigerator to go in that new house you just bought or replacing an old one you have had for years, you will want to carefully consider all the choices to make sure you get the perfect one for you and your family. The whole process can become quite confusing considering refrigerators available today come in more styles, colors and sizes than ever before. Whether you decide on a traditional top mount, side by side, french door, or a 4 door refrigerator, the following will teach you exactly what you need to know so you can start shopping for that perfect model.

The first thing you will need to know before you start shopping for a new refrigerator is the size of the area where you intend to put the refrigerator. It is a lot more important to have the dimensions of the space where the refrigerator is going to go rather than the dimensions of an old model you are replacing. The key measurements are width, height, and depth. If you plan on getting one with an ice maker or ice and water dispenser, you need to make sure there is an existing water line or a cold water pipe that can be accessed to add a water line to in order to get water to the refrigerator.

When measuring width, make sure you take into consideration all wall moldings and trim if the new refrigerator is going directly against a wall. Measure one side to the other including the molding and then again without the molding. Make sure you check to see if the molding can easily be removed in case you are a little short on space when it comes to the width needed to accommodate the refrigerator you eventually pick out. Another thing to consider when looking at the area where you plan to put the refrigerator is where the doors will swing open. Pay close attention to the design of the kitchen and make sure there is not a wall, cabinet, or island that the door will hit when swung open.

The next measurement you will need to know is the total height of the space you intend to put your new refrigerator. Don’t make the mistake a lot of people make which is measuring their old refrigerator instead of the actual space. Take note of any trim on the bottom of the cabinet if there is one above where the refrigerator is going to sit to see if it can be removed or shaved off a little in case you need a little extra space for the model you pick out.

The depth of the space isn’t nearly as important as the first two measurements but always good to know. Measure how deep the cabinets or walls are that are going to be on each side of the new refrigerator.

After measuring where the refrigerator is going to sit, measure all door openings the refrigerator will have to pass through to get to its final destination in the house. The last thing you want to do is pick out that perfect model only to find out it won’t fit through your door.

Now you are ready to start shopping for the perfect size refrigerator that will best suit you and your family. Take all these measurements with you if you intend to buy your refrigerator at a retail store or have them by your side if you plan to order your new refrigerator from an online store.