Tips to Save While You Shop!

Tips to Save While You Shop!

Shopping is often perceived as a task that involves spending lots of money, most of which is spent on things that one does not need. From one perspective this could be true but nowadays new avenues have been created to help customers save while they spend!! Shopping for groceries, household supplies, clothes etc. is inevitable. So how does one make allowance for savings in this equation? In this article, we will discuss on how to form certain habit patterns, which will enable you to save while you shop!

Make a list

Make it a practice to jot down a quick list of items that you need from the grocer’s before you head out to shop. You will find that this is more effective in narrowing down the list of items you actually want to use, so that you do not end of accumulating items, which you buy on a whim rather than out of necessity. If you do not agree with the idea of carrying a list, just try shopping with and without one to see the difference yourself! Your shopping basket is guaranteed to be filled with items you never intended to use in the first place. This could range anywhere from an ice-cream tub with a new launched flavor to fancy looking cutlery, both of which you may not really need!

Look for bundled offers

Marketers promote bundled offers, which typically consist of products that are sold together. These products have related use! For example, a packet of tea sold with a packet of biscuits is considered to be a bundled offer. Most of these offers are used for promotional purposes, especially during those times when a brand is trying to diversify its identity.

Sometimes you will find these offers during off promotion seasons as well! Look for such offers because this gives you an opportunity to save that much extra. Quantity wise, you may end up buying a little more but this will not do any harm because the extra quantity can always been carried over to the next month’s utility.

Sign up for store cards

Mega marts often provide their customers with the facility of using a store card to gain credits based on the number of purchases made. Many people discard this as a waste of time but if you frequent a particular store in your neighbourhood for your month’s supplies then this option can turn out to be quite handy.

All you need to do is fill out a form and the store will present you with a card. Upon reaching a certain point limit, you can use the option of converting these points into discounts for any shopping you do further!

Utilise some of the tips mentioned about to gradually change the way you shop, which will help you optimise your savings!