Unravel the Truth Behind the My Shopping Genie Fraud

Unravel the Truth Behind the My Shopping Genie Fraud

It is true that some people, instead of being happy for you when you’ve reached a high point or success, can be jealous up a libelous point. This is why it isn’t too surprising anymore that there is now rumors circulating about the My Shopping Genie scam.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, there’s nothing much to it, really. Basically, it’s the same thing jealous people spread around, to curb the success of this product and program. Of course, the rumors are not true. The funny thing, however, is that they keep on saying this persistently, even if My Shopping Genie has already proven itself with its three years of existence.

For the total time of existence of the My Shopping Genie product and affiliate program, it did its best to prove to everyone that it is worth checking out. The application product is available for free and very easy to install. It is also a great tool if you do your discount shopping online, since it can save you not only money, but time with the multiple results with just a single search.

On top of this is the fact that the program is also excellent. The registration rates are affordable and the compensation is actually pretty good, granted that what you only need to distribute and not really “sell” anything. The zero resistance products can further boost the number of downloads on your links, letting you earn tons in return.

So, what is all the fuss about My Shopping Genie scam? eBay has already accredited the program, being a recognized tool for shopping online. The affiliate program has also already received tons of positive reviews, so how come malicious gossip like this is still circulating, right?

What’s even more bothersome is that, it sometimes works. Their ploy to prevent people from signing up with the program or even downloading the free software finds victims that will actually fall for their rumors. This is quite a sad thing, since My Shopping Genie is a decent deal that can be hard to find anywhere else.

It’s totally up to you whether to believe the My Shopping Genie scam rumors or not. Just make sure that you do a good amount of research first, before crossing it on your list of possible methods to use to make money online.