3 Popular T Fal Fryers

3 Popular T Fal Fryers

T Fal Fryers are some of the best and most affordable home deep fryers. They come in a range of styles and sizes. We will describe the most favored models, according to customer ratings from several popular shopping websites.

T-Fal Ultimate EZ Clean Pro

This is the most popular of all T-Fal fryers. It costs about 1 1/2 times more than the other two that we discuss, but it’s also the best. Many people say they’re happy that they didn’t go with a cheaper unit.

This stainless-steel fryer has a 2.65lbs food capacity and a 3.3L oil-immersion capacity. It’s large enough to cook, but not too large to store. It has a great filtration system. The unit comes apart easily, enabling you to place the parts into the dishwasher. It has a separate oil storage reservoir. It’s consistent, easy to use, and easy to clean – just as advertised.

T-Fal Avante

This is another model of popular and sleek T Fal fryers that come in chrome and black. They have a 2.75 lb. food capacity and a 2.5L oil-immersion capacity. They have a hermetical locking lid, adjustable thermostat, and use an innovative Magiclean system. They heat quickly, and then cook food evenly and fast. They are washable, and produce no oil spatter. The issues: they have no oil-temperature display, and they aren’t a cool touch, which is unsafe for smaller children.

T-Fal Family Pro

These restaurant-grade units have a 2.2lbs food capacity and a 3L oil-immersion capacity. They have an adjustable thermostat, automatic shut-off, signal bell, and removal filter. They fry evenly and fast, and are dishwasher safe.