Do You Remember When Retailers Started Offering Plastic Shopping Bags?

Do You Remember When Retailers Started Offering Plastic Shopping Bags?

At the time, they seemed to be an ideal alternative to traditional brown paper. However, as the environmental and economic effect of plastic bags become increasingly apparent, environmentally minded consumers have been turning to a new alternative: reusable bags. These reusable bags are manufactured from a variety of post-consumer recycled materials, are relatively inexpensive (they usually sell for between $1 and $3 dollars) and can last for two years or more.

Here is the other part of the equation: smart retailers have been taking the opportunity to imprint their logos on these reusable bags. It is a form of advertising that is virtually free; each time a customer purchases a reusable bags from a specific retailer, that customer becomes a walking, talking billboard for that business. In fact, some retailers have found that simply giving these bags away is an excellent investment in advertising and promotion.

ECO-Friendly Promotional Bags

ECO friendly bags accomplishes both goals in one: a healthier, cleaner environment and a higher profile for your business. Under today’s challenging economic conditions, branding and promotion has become more important than ever if one hopes to get a leg up on the competition.

Unlike the regular thin plastic shopping bags (which are usually a boring white or peach color with a single-color logo printed on one side), ECO Friendly bags come in four bright colors and can have your logo emblazoned on the surface in any manner you wish. These bags even offer a special holder for that indispensably cell phone built right into the handle.

A Win-Win Situation For Everyone

A recent Wall Street Journal report says that over 100 billion plastic shopping bags are used every year – and since petroleum is one of the primary ingredients of plastic, this represents a whopping 12 million barrels of oil that a shift to reusable bags can go a long ways toward eliminating. Reusable ECO-Friendly bags are a painless and beneficial way for smart consumers to help in getting our country off petroleum.

At the same time, our reusable bags, custom-made to your specifications function as a very economical form of advertising and promotion that these days, your retail business cannot afford to do without.

Manufactured from recycled plastic bottles, ECO friendly bags come in a number of configurations and sizes, and start out at less than $1 apiece. You can either purchase them at your local grocery store or through an online search so go out and get some today!