Men – Personal Shoppers Are Your Ticket to Shopping Heaven!

Men – Personal Shoppers Are Your Ticket to Shopping Heaven!

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

A Personal Shopper will make me spend too much money.

I don’t care to shop, it’s a necessity, not play for me.

I feel a little overwhelmed when I get there.

My wife/girlfriend does it. I don’t get exactly what I want, but it’s better than doing it myself.

If any of these statements sounds like you, I’d like to tell you why you (yes You!) are the perfect candidate for personal shopping assistance. In one sentence: the less time, energy and money you want to devote to clothing procurement the more you need personal shopping.

That is because a good personal shopper will discuss your needs and personal style ahead of time, pull garments for you from the store and load up a reserved dressing room. He or she will then give opinions, exchange sizes and and help you build easy to grab outfits by going back out to the floor and re-choosing garments to harmonize with what you are creating inside.

There are different fee structures; at some stores they offer a free-to-you shopping service (rare in men’s though), but paid later to them by a commission of sales (can be uncomfortable). Some personal shoppers charge a flat fee and/or a percentage of sales. I charge hourly, because I think that is the most comfortable for the client and there is never any pressure to purchase one item over another, or go to one more expensive store over another. Your shopper should be as excited to find a good quality clothing piece on sale as you are.

If a “great” shopping experience sounds to you like making an appointment with someone who knows you, at the store of your (not her) choice, and just showing up to a fully stocked dressing room, to then be attended to like royalty as she scurries hither and yon selecting the best of the best for you – then you are starting to see the magic allure to personal shopping that so many men love. And it’s even more icing on the cake that the person picking the items is a trained professional – great looks plus getting it done efficiently is just the ticket!