The Best Free Browser Toolbars

The Best Free Browser Toolbars

A free browser toolbar is a great way to customize your internet browsing experience with the features and tools that you want and that are tailored to the way that you use the internet, rather than the general tools and buttons that come as standard on your browser.

It doesn’t matter what browser that you currently have, whether it is the most popular Microsoft Internet Explorer that usually comes already installed when you buy a PC computer, or if you have installed Firefox, safari, chrome or any of the other choices that there are. There are many hundreds of great toolbars out there that you can get for every one of them, and all of the best ones will work with all of them anyway – automatically detecting which one you have and using the right version when you click to install.

Although as I have said there are many hundreds available of all different kinds, there are four main types that are very popular. As I can’t write about everything in this one article I will focus on these. The first type are for developer tools, aimed at people who make websites or write software. I am assuming that this kind of person will already know everything about this subject and what they need and so will not be reading this article, so I’ll put those to one side. The second types is for games. That can mean that they are for specific games and are aimed at people who already play them, or just to add easy access to free games to your toolbar. If you are a games fan I suggest that you think about what kind of games you like to play and then do a Google search for ‘….. games toolbar’ to find something you might like.

The third type are shopping toolbars. These can give you all sorts of tools for getting cheap deals on the things that you buy. The Bookmarked By Us Toolbar, for example, has a price comparison search box, a button to turn on ‘on-page visual shopping’ price comparison (see resource box for more info on exactly what that is) and a social shopper feature for sharing your favorite bargain finds and seeing what deals are most popular with the community.

The fourth type are social bookmark toolbar, which let you easily share links to your favorite pages and see what is popular elsewhere. has one of the most popular ones, or you can also get them with universal tools for sharing on any social bookmarks website.