Nike Air Pegasus 26 Review – Must Know Facts About The Nike Air Pegasus 26

Nike Air Pegasus 26 Review – Must Know Facts About The Nike Air Pegasus 26

The Nike Air Pegasus 26 is suits people looking for cushioning and stability along with the added Nike ability factor. In this short review I will go over some facts that are handy to know if you are interested in these running shoes and want more information.

Awarded ‘Best Buy’ Award

Runners world have awarded the Nike Air Pegasus 26 the status of ‘Best Buy’ due to all the value that has went into this trainer. Most of its features focus on cushioning and stability and do so extremely well and in a unique fashion. It could also be attributed to the cost, that’s covered a bit later in the article.

Weight is 11.00 oz

Currently only weighing 11.00 oz these shoes are lightweight and are mainly so due to their mesh placement that uses lightweight materials. The mesh that covers the it makes it more lightweight and adding to other sought out factors like inner cooling. It doesn’t have any unnecessary extra weight, just what it needs to get the job done.

Laces Are Short

Some people have had an issue with the laces of the Nike Air Pegasus 26 mainly because they say they are too short and it’s hard to tie them. There is no problem when running in them; just some people think it would help if they were longer. I suppose Nike thought that having shorter laces means a more comfortable fit and they sure do have that snug sense about them.

Currently Retail around A�49

Currently retailing at around A�49 these are one of the most money for value running shoes out. Many running shoes can go to A�100+ but this running shoe is at least half that amount. If you’re looking for a good value running shoe, this is it.

In the end the Nike Air Pegasus 26 is well sought after within the running community and appeals to people looking for their first trainer or just a comfortable run.