Nike Vandal High Basketball Shoe Review

Nike Vandal High Basketball Shoe Review

The Nike Vandal High is a high top version of the stylish Nike Vandal design. This high top design suits people who value ankle support over anything else. The Vandal High is also as comfortable as its lower version if not more comfortable due to its high design. However you’ll have to come to a conclusion yourself once you’ve read this article.


The style is visibly different to the low version as it supports the ankle as well. The materials as to what it uses are mainly leather and a rugged canvas. On the overall look of the basketball shoe you will have to decide whether you like the high top design or low top design. On the top near the lace there is a hook and loop strap which correlates with the color of the shoe.

Comfort + Fit

Comfort and fit is an important feature on a basketball shoe as you will feel it not only when you put them on for the first time, but also when you’re playing. When you get a high top basketball shoe you can expect great comfort and fit as well as the best ankle support. Inside the basketball shoe is an EVA midsole which is there for comfort but also stability so you can hold your own when swarmed by players.


The weight of the Nike Vandal High is a bit more than the average weight of a basketball shoe. This is due to its high top design because it uses more materials than you would expect. To be exact the weight is 19 ounces which is around 2 ounces above the average. However with the added weight you will get better protection from any knocks as there is more material to cover your foot.


Durability on the Nike Vandal High is probably what you’d expect. It’s not the most durable on the market but does well when used often. On the base is a non marking outsole which helps if you’re going to be using it often for play on many different surfaces.

Overall the Nike Vandal Low is a great basketball shoe. Depending on whether you like the other version more here are a few things to consider before you leave.

High Top Design

Pros – Better Ankle Support, Better Comfort, More Protection from Knocks

Cons – Heavier

Low Top Design

Pros – Lighter, Lower Ride

Cons – Less Ankle Support, Less Protection from Knocks